A beautiful apartment on the beach with lots of light, vitality and great pieces!

A beautiful apartment on the beach with lots of light, vitality and great pieces!

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Carlos Yagüe

The expressiveness of color, its strength and roundness is what surprises most in this apartment on the coast of Cádiz. Light and ocean sneak through the windows. The house is on the very edge of the Atlantic and the different blues of the sky and the sea - indigo, turquoise, diamond - prolongs the interiors. The palette is completed with white and red, typically sailors, to give continuity to that privileged horizon enjoyed.

IN THREE COLORS: Blue, white and red put sea flavor. The sofa was recovered and upholstered in white; It is animated with cheerful cushions, from El Corte Inglés. Beside him, small table with glass envelope and little fish, found in a street market. The gray carpet is from Artefor. Carlos Yagüe

Communicated and comfortable
The distribution favors that integration outside-inside and takes advantage of every centimeter. There are no passing areas, the plant is super functional and fluid, despite the fact that the house is profusely furnished: still the environments "breathe" and offer a lot of freshness. But despite its sailor character, the style does not reproduce a beachy decoration too casual.

PARTS THAT LOVE. The house is full of them, like the painting on glass, by Manuel de la Rosa. Vintage Rastronaut: lamp with metal screens; armchair, vases and ashtray with foot. The carpet with zebra print trend. It was bought at Zara Home. CARLOS YAGÜE
ON FOOT OF BEACH. The white railing with glass breastplates "widens" the terrace and reveals the landscape. A vintage Rastronaut armchair; Carpet, Ikea, and green plants ... and enjoy! CARLOS YAGÜE

With own stamp
Manuel de la Rosa, who lives on this floor and is also the author of some of the paintings, has left his stamp in all the rooms and has equipped them with pieces from different backgrounds and styles. There is no milimalism in the house, of course, but it is not recharged either. The ornaments and complements form a harmonious whole of great beauty. And many of them make clear reference to the sea (fish, corals, etc.).

DINING ROOM, WELL RESOLVED. With this economical and very personal solution: the table on easels. It is surrounded by chairs in an original finish. They are from Artefor, where it is also the background mirror and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Fly over, lamp, from Ikea. CARLOS YAGÜE
A VERY BRIGHT KITCHEN. The furniture has been updated with blue knobs, from Zara Home. Hence also the cloths. Red utensils and lamps, from Ikea. And the matching clock, from Rastronauta Vintage. CARLOS YAGÜE

Flea market furniture
They have also been found in local trails, curious elements and furniture, which Manuel has later restored. The decoration is a miscellaneous unconventional ... and very bright!

CORNER OF ART. The large size of the room allowed to create an area at the foot of the bed chaired by the photo of Miguel Fisac's pagoda taken by Nacho Fondo. Complete side table and retro market chair. CARLOS YAGÜE
POSITIVE ENERGY. The bedroom is full of great vibes. Sheets and blanket were purchased at Zara Home and the cushions, at El Corte Inglés. The painting that tops the headboard is the work of Manuel de la Rosa, who also restored the secretary. CARLOS YAGÜE
FUNNY WASH. They are embedded in a piece of furniture made by the Masol Group and have the same diamond blue as the rest of the house, combined with white and the wood tone of the mirror. CARLOS YAGÜE
PLANE OF THE HOUSE. With a single bedroom, this apartment has been maximized. There are no corridors or underutilized areas and it has a corner terrace. CARLOS YAGÜE