A flat on the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona decorated with ethnic touches

A flat on the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona decorated with ethnic touches

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Sébastien Robert

After eight months on sale, this apartment in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia, built in 1975, had not yet found new owners. The solution? A Proyect of Home staging to give the house a more current air.

The 70 m2 distributed in three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and east facing balconyThey were the perfect base to start working. In this way, Sébastien Robert's team opted for an ethnic style chicas a distinctive element We show you!

Advertising - Keep reading below Before: A room with no defined style Sébastien Robert

This was the hall before the reform, decorated with random furniture and nothing cozy.

Before: Wasted space Sébastien Robert

I had outdoor lighting and a nice space, but not with proper decoration.

After: Decoration around the color black Sébastien Robert

In order to contrast the black color of the new decoration, they used blue in some details, for example, on the blue table (model Gladom from Ikea), on the cushions, and on the kettle (H&M Home).

After: Ethnic Chic Sébastien Robert

To fit the ethnic style chic, and bring warmth to the space, they chose several Supersrest chairs, an IKEA table, and a Hamid rug.

The IKEA rocking chair complements the lounge area; and the decorative plates on the wall, coming from Zimbabwe and handmade, give a handmade touch to the environment.

Before: Dull and boring dining room Sébastien Robert

Before revaluing housing, one of the principles of Home staging is to reorganize the space. Having three rooms, potential buyers are oriented to the profile of a family, And because of that, the distribution was divided into a double room, a children's bedroom, and a yoga room.

After: A dining room that gives off life and freshness Sébastien Robert After: The triumph of natural fibers Sébastien Robert Before: A dark and depressing room Sébastien Robert

Before the project of Home staging, the yoga room was an unattractive bedroom, with furniture, literally boxed.

After: The yoga room Sébastien Robert

The choice of the yoga room is a strategy of marketingfull-fledged, and the reason is very simple: a person who wants to buy a home, visits a few a week, but most likely none of them have a room to practice yoga. Therefore, which floor will you remember most?

After: Few elements but well chosen Sébastien Robert

To furnish this space they had to analyze the potential of the room (If it were an office, the volume of the desk would not have allowed to visualize the entire surface).

On the other hand, the atmosphere perfectly embraced the ethnic style chic. And for the experience to be complete, placed an air freshener, since smells are key when creating empathy with the future buyer.

Before: An old kitchen Sébastien Robert Before: Entering it was like taking a trip to the past Sébastien Robert After: A modern kitchen with built-in lights in the cupboards Sébastien Robert

For highlight the kitchen space, and modernize it, they used a good coat of paint.

After: Decorated in black and white with the grace of natural fibers Sébastien Robert

The countertop was painted white, and the shooters were exchanged for just € 40.

Before: A narrow and outdated bathroom Sébastien Robert After: A bright bathroom that looks twice as big Sébastien Robert

Once again, the painting worked miracles.

Before: A bedroom with possibilities Sébastien Robert

According to the housing plan, the main room is the last to be visited, making it a determining space for purchase.

After: A magazine bedroom Sébastien Robert

To decorate it and give it an air chic, combined pink and black. All this together with the H&M Home bedding, the IKEA wall lamps, and the Dekoplace ceiling lamp.

Before: A room that says nothing Sébastien Robert After: A dream nursery Sébastien Robert

Children's room was inspired by the jungle. To create this space, they used a wallpaper with palm motifs, and added several decorative elements from H&M Home.

Before: A sad hall Sébastien Robert

A coat rack and a bench: the only furniture that lived in this hall that did not fulfill its function of welcoming.

After: A modern air hall that invites you to enter Sébastien Robert

The hall was decorated for less than € 40, including 3 mirrors of Dekopalace and a coat rack.

To give character to the hall, they painted the lower strip of the wall in an anthracite gray, and placed black wooden slats that delimited both colored areas.

Before: A standard terrace Sébastien Robert

Once again, decorated with disparate furniture Without any concrete style.

After: A boho chic balcony Sébastien Robert

To revive the balcony, they placed artificial grass and a hanging chair. The final result? After putting the flat back on sale, They were generated more than 15 visits in a weekto.