Do you sign up for the Realfooding movement?

Do you sign up for the Realfooding movement?

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Enrique Díaz / 7cero

New miracle diets appear every year that promise gold and Moor, with slogans as attractive as: lose five kilos in a week. But ... do they work? And most importantly, are they healthy? The answer is clearly no.

And in the same way that these diets try to alter our food routine, leading to short-term and long-term nutritional deficiency problems, the same goes for ultraprocessed foods. Yes, those who reign in supermarkets.

Fever for having a body of ten has caused the population to launch to fill the fridge with products Light, obsessing with the calories and the amount of fat they contain (forgetting the sugars that take over).

The problem? The ingredients are insane, poor in nutrients, substitute the consumption of real foods, and in the end, this whole cluster causes the so-called diseases of the 21st century, that is to say: cardiovascular problems, obesity (which is not the same as weighing a lot or a little) and cancer.


For that very reason, and as a way to combat this situation, the movement is born Realfooding, whose main purpose is to defend real food, the one that we must consume every day to stay healthy, and that, unfortunately, does not enjoy the same marketing and advertising as the ultra-processed ones.

It's not about losing weight, it's not about becoming obsessed with calories, or fats. It's about that your diet is based solely and exclusively on natural and good processed products. And what are these? Very easy…

The main group, that is, the one you must take on a day-to-day basis, includes vegetables; fruits; nuts and seeds; tubers and roots; vegetables; fish and shellfish; meats; eggs; whole grains; virgin oils; quality dairy; coffee; cocoa and infusions; and herbs and spices.


The second group is made up of the good processed, or what is the same, those "real foods with an industrial or artisanal processing beneficial or harmless to the quality of the food with respect to its healthy properties". In this section you can find canned and semi-preserved foods; real frozen or frozen foods; real foods packaged in modified atmospheres; real food dishes already cooked and vacuum packed, and a long etcetera. The only requirement that they must meet is that during processing the food does not lose quality, but remains the same, that it increases, or if it decreases, that it be the minimum.

The third group is the banned products: the ultraprocessed. Come on, if you want to enjoy an iron health, you can forget about soda, pastries, industrial pizzas, ice cream, white bread, cookies ... And everything that, sadly, is easily within our reach (much more than real foods).

Obviously, at the beginning it will cost you to modify your feeding , and changing a routine is not a simple task ... But with small steps and, above all, reading a lot and informing you well, you will end up getting it. Think that you are actually doing your present and future self a favor. You know what mothers say: health is only valued when it is lost. So ... don't let that happen! Much encouragement and for all, you can.

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