An old renovated apartment

An old renovated apartment

The architectural studio of Christopher Leniart and Miguel Colomo was in charge of the project of Renovation of this Madrid house, located a few steps from the Plaza Mayor. It retained the original distribution of 1934, nothing functional and very compartmentalized, but the work, carried out by Workplace Solutions, changed its interior completely, facilities included. Of course, the renovation work was conditioned by urban planning regulations and the high degree of protection of the building, classified as historic. The objective of the project was to eliminate the compartments to achieve open spaces and give more functionality to the house.

Now the central axis of the house is a great common area that integrates the living room, dining room and kitchen. The space was organized through a partition with openings on each side: the living area was located next to the windows and, in front, the dining room and kitchen were located, which, although they do not have windows, enjoy the natural light of the living room . Walls and ceilings were also affected by the reform. The original wooden pillars they were preserved but the partitions, when possible, moved to give more space to the spaces, as happened in the hall, kitchen and dining room. These pillars, like the roof beams, which were discovered during the works, have great decorative value. While the white paint on walls and ceiling enhances wooden beams and pillars, a large-scale pavement of grayish color, present in all rooms, brings visual continuity to the space and feeling of greater amplitude.

As for the decoration, light and dark colors, in upholstery and textiles, they alternate in the environments. The furniture, which comes from The Rara Shop, is of current design and visually light, such as the coffee table and transparent armchairs in the living room, or the dining room chairs and kitchen stools, all white and with legs tubular The kitchen, of Estudio Diseño Actual, maintains the refined lines of the house and the white color in furniture and countertop.

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The gray and black color the white decoration of the room. A sofa, carpet and pavement contrast with the white walls. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Blankets, Texture. Soil, Porcelanosa.

Exposed beams

The ceiling and wall beams have great decorative value in the living room. Discovered during the reform, they are the counterpoint to the modern style of the environment. Glass table, with magazine rack. Living Room wooden letters and carpet, from The Rara Shop. Transparent armchairs, from Kartell. Lamp, by Liberty Luz.

Connected environments

From the living room you access the kitchen through a bay. The door was dispensed with in order to create a large main space consisting of living area, dining room and kitchen.

Dinning room

The white dining room furniture gives more clarity to this windowless environment. After the work, the dining room is a space adjacent to the living area, which takes advantage of its natural light. Extendable table, chairs, floor lamp and shelf, from The Rara Shop. Crockery by Ikea.

View of the kitchen and the hall

The reform was based on changing the distribution to make it more transparent. Wooden pillars and beams mark the separation between the entrance, the kitchen and the dining room. Spotlights, Light Years.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining room communicate with each other, and both with the living room through two openings. The white walls, the wood and the same pavement give visual continuity to the spaces. Pavement, Porcelanosa.

Kitchen with island

An island with sink and breakfast bar is key in the distribution of the kitchen. In parallel to the island, the cooking zone, a column with an oven and microwave and the paneled fridge are concentrated. Furniture and project, from Estudio Diseño Actual. Stools, from The Rara Shop.


The bedroom was painted white, to enhance its natural light; The quilt, in retro style, gives it a romantic air. Quilt and cushions, Texture. Flexo, from Artemide, for sale at Liberty Luz.


The bathroom was covered with large format pieces, like the rest of the house. They have a stone look, very natural, that follows the current trend in interior design. Coatings, by Porcelanosa. Washbasin cabinet, by Leroy Merlin. Sanitary, from the firm Duravit.

House plan