Bedroom with practical designs

Bedroom with practical designs

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- Cradle and cradle. The first will house the sweet dreams of the newborn, which is safer in a small space. Find a model with wheels so you can move it with you and, if it is scissor, you can fold it and take up little space. The second must have two positions: with the mattress raised, it will be easier to lie down and, when you can stand up, lower your height to avoid falls.

- Changer. It is a very practical piece that facilitates baby care. Opt for a model with drawers and shelves to turn it into an auxiliary furniture. It must be between 70 and 80 cm high, to avoid back pain, and a mat for comfort.

- Nursing chair. It is an element that will make it easier for you to breastfeed or bottle. Look for a comfortable and warm model; For example, if it is a rocking chair, you can cradle the baby and help him fall asleep.

- Storage Store your diapers, utensils and clothes in a cabinet with drawers and space to place baskets where to put small accessories of usual use. It also uses shelves that can be accessed by simply stretching the arm, without removing the baby, cabinets and benches with container space.

- Game's zone. Reserve a space in your room for this purpose because thanks to the game, your child will stimulate his motor skills and favor his development. For your comfort, add a soft and soft carpet, ideal for your first crawls.

Advertising - Keep reading under Crochet pouf

When you buy your toys you should take into account that they adapt to their age and develop their skills. Linen doll with a set of clothes (€ 56 approx.), And crochet balls with a bell inside (€ 40 approx. / 3). Handmade, they are from Littlephant. When decorating your bedroom, accessories are essential and give personality to the room. From the Littlephant signature: crochet pouf (€ 273 approx.), Cloth storage bags (€ 56 approx.) And posters (€ 25 approx.).

Cot with drawers

option that can also save you money. Initially the cradle model Room includes drawers, changing table and trundle bed; Over time, you can transform it into a 190 x 90 cm bed with extra bed, bedside table and desk € 1,049 with mattress). Box Lightbox (€ 39); sheet Love moon (€ 28); set of white star boxes (€ 19); washable carpet Clouds (€ 99); Babe rocking chair (€ 319) and garland Cream (€ 26). Everything, for sale at Kenay Home.

Desktop changer

During its first months of life it is important to have a comfortable place in which to change diapers. Make your room's dresser profitable by installing a table-top changer with a mat for your comfort. You can place it horizontally or perpendicularly. Changer
with removable striped cover and sewn stuffed animal (€ 42.99) and fabric rhinoceros for the wall (€ 32.99). Everything from Vertbaudet.

White wooden crib

This color is one of the favorites for children's furniture. It provides luminosity but be careful when choosing its finish. It must be cleaned well and be resistant to bumps and scratches. White wooden crib (€ 229.90) and beech canopy in the form of a branch with a cotton veil, (€ 79.99). Everything from Maisons du Monde.

Mini rattan rocking chair

When you start running around, you'll need a place to relax or listen to stories. Mini rattan rocking chair (€ 389). Paper lamps, small and large (€ 37 and € 41). Box with bunny (€ 57 / two units). Stuffed snail (€ 63) and toy camera (€ 12). Everything from Bloomingville.

Plastic paint

When painting the walls of your home, choose plastic paint, easier to apply, and washable. In addition, you can use imaginative solutions that awaken your senses and creativity. For example, it combines vivid pastel roses with soft whites, as in this proposal by Jotun.

Diaper bag

Pink accessories are ideal for the princesses of the house. Of the line ZY Baby: diaper bag (€ 34.99), slide (€ 12.99), polar blanket (€ 19.99) and crib sheet set (€ 12.99). Cotton muslin (€ 24.99 / pack of six) and booties (€ 9.99). Everything from Zippy.

Alphabet Letters

Decorate the walls of your room with your name, a beautiful message or a wish; you can do it with the letters of the alphabet of the signature Lilliputiens, some can be turned (€ 2 each).