The 'lettering' or calligraphy art is passed to the deco and we love it!

The 'lettering' or calligraphy art is passed to the deco and we love it!

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Whether you have the expertise of a scribe or an incomprehensible doctor's letter, the possibilities to beautify your calligraphy are endless. In Happy Letters you will find the kits and materials needed to become an expert. In addition, you can take courses lettering, face-to-face and online, as well as workshops in the place you prefer: the office, a store, your home… Check the calendar of courses for all levels on their website

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Paper napkins

Stamped with the typical posters that decorate Anglo-Saxon cafes and restaurants. Paper napkins, from Rivièra Maison; in 16.5 cm (€ 4.95).


Labels that indicate what variety of homemade jam each jar contains, posters to know what aromatic herb you have planted in the pots of your small urban garden ... Fill them with raffia or colored cords and your day to day will be friendlier.


Recover the tradition of writing postcards and letters of your hand and letter. Complete the shipment with custom stamps. They can be rubber, rubber in wood, with sealing wax, acrylics, carvados in blocks similar to erasers, self-adhesive ... On the website you will find models and tutorials to make them.

4 Creative manual

This manual includes an exercise book. Edit Gustavo Gili (€ 19.90). In

5 The lettering is trend

And not only for writing, but also on posters with words and phrases in typefaces that simulate handwriting. Sign, in Kenay Home (€ 14.90)

6 Annual Agenda

Practice your calligraphy on the annual UO * agenda. In day to page format (€ 24.50) or week (€ 22.50).


To start, Three Feelings suggests the initiation guide Write Pretty, free. From it, you can continue with the book Beautiful letters, sign up for their courses and get specialized material: paper, calligraphy kit, metallic watercolors, glitter markers, powders embossing shiny…

8 Illuminated sign

To remember that life is beautiful, nothing like this sign illuminated with LEDs, which evoke the mirror of a dressing room. It measures 18.5 x 16 cm (€ 15.90). From Lola Home.

9 travel mug

The best time to drink coffee is ... the moment you drink it. This travel mug is a declaration of intent. Made of bamboo, it is from Maisons du Monde (€ 5.99).