We present 4 examples of kitchens with bar or island

We present 4 examples of kitchens with bar or island

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These two solutions make work a lot easier and help to make profitable beautiful square meters… and they are not only carried in avant-garde kitchens! We present 4 kitchens: two with a bar and two with an island.


FROM CERAMICS. The countertop of the central island has tiles, a very practical surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The field as inspiration. Cabinet doors and walls have a finish reminiscent of neo-rustic designs. In light wood, it combines with countertops in darker and natural tones.

Walls with frieze of lamas. The white lamas lining is the perfect background for a kitchen of this style. In addition, it contrasts well with the gray of the ceiling and looks great with the trim molding.

Wired lamps. The long cable from which these "industrial" type luminaires are suspended adds a plus to the decoration.


This kitchen, by Leroy Merlin, is an open design and is integrated into the living area. The tissues screen They let in the light but protect from the views and heat.

Wood and graphite. Two tones that match very well. The dark gray, almost black, of furniture and countertop, puts a contemporary accent, and the introduction of wooden elements - the suspended closet - tempers a very cold palette.

Cantilever bar. Lighten the whole, since it is not solid but hollow. It barely weighs visually.

Two tones of soil. To differentiate environments, in the kitchen area the pavement is a bit darker than in the dining room. Barely enough is perceived to create that subtle limit.


IN THE ROOF. This extractor hood model visually expands and puts a super modern touch to the area. Rafael Diéguez /

Light blue paint and orange sparks. The bright blue of the kitchen enhances the white surfaces or with steel finishes. To counteract, the orange stool - complementary color of blue - puts a sparkling note and animates the space.

Minimal surfaces. The cabinets are lacquered in gloss white, without any adornment or handles. Accentuate the feeling of cleanliness and cleanliness.

Protagonist island. The module in which the kitchen plate is integrated focuses attention and, in particular, its impressive steel-free hood.


Conforama proposes an avant-garde concept of cooking with this original bar. A storage formula that combines shelves and cabinets with doors.

Cabinets and furniture in curve. The highlight of the kitchen is its unique "appendix" in semicircle. The furniture houses cabinets and shelves
and it ends with a double breakfast bar.

Without tall furniture. There are no high and low cabinets, but a modular assembly that forms a compact block with elements of various heights.

Washable wallpaper. This coating has been used in reverse. That is to say, the cooking area was papered with a retro-style model, while the dining room was coated with paint.