The ultimate guide to choosing your ideal mattress

The ultimate guide to choosing your ideal mattress

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Buying a mattress is an important investment for health, since you will use it for many years. Choose the one that best suits you and sleep soundly.

HARD OR SOFT? There is no one better than another for the back. The firmness of the mattress is a matter of weight (heavier weight, greater firmness), customs (it is preferred hard, if you sleep on your back) and personal tastes.

OF SPRINGS, IF YOU PASS HEAT. These mattresses are very breathable and fresh. The latest in docks are the bagged ones, in which each one, independently, goes
tucked in a textile bag. This system makes the mattresses fully adaptable and independent of beds. Medium firmness is indicated for light people. If you weigh more than 100 kg, you will need a model of great firmness, so as not to sink into it.

VISCOELASTIC, SENSITIVE TO WEIGHT ... And at the temperature, so it adapts completely to the body and usually gives more heat. The high density models are the best: at least 50 kg / m3, and it is important that you have a good
thermoregulatory treatment, with several layers - cotton, bamboo - insulators.

FLEXIBLE WITH ARTICULATED BASE. The mattress should always be of a material that adapts to the movements of the articulated base, therefore, opt for one of foam, latex or bagged springs.

LATEX CORE. Those with at least 85% in their composition are considered natural latex. They are comfortable and offer adequate support, although not the best perspiration. In shared beds, a latex mattress or one with pocket springs will also maintain the independence of movements.

The pillow is as important as the mattress itself: before buying it, try it in the store by adopting the posture in which you sleep. Courtesy of LA REDOUTE.


- Renew the skin. The technology applied to the manufacture of new generation mattresses provides skin protection, revitalizing and regenerating.

- Offers hygienic properties, Eliminates odor and bacteria.

- Athermic. They generate a very comfortable neutral thermal sensation.

- Retain and evaporate moisture after body perspiration, so the mattress
It stays dry and evaporation and body temperature is reduced.


When to change it? At most, every 10 years. The materials deteriorate and lose their comfort properties, not guaranteeing rest.

Firmness. Choose depending on body weight. A soft mattress for people under 70 kg; one medium up to 100 kg and one firm if you exceed this weight.

Everything counts. The combination of the mattress, the pillow and the base (box spring or couch) is what guarantees us a restful sleep. Choose everything at once.

Width and long. For a person to sleep comfortably, he needs a minimum width of
75 cm and 1.50 m if there are two. Long, they should be about 10-15 cm below.

Materials. They guarantee us a pleasant rest with a uniform temperature. Latex, wool, coconut fiber or natural, as the model Hidrasund, from Ikea.