Do you have the bed you deserve?

Do you have the bed you deserve?

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One more chapter of that series that fascinates you or one last look at what is cooked on the networks are habits that do not help. The mobile, tablet and computer screens emit a blue light that reaches the retinas. These activate the ganglion cells, which send to the brain the signal that there is natural light, so that the circadian rhythm is disturbed. Establishing a routine is key to falling asleep. Eat dinner early and avoid fats, to facilitate digestion, and create a ritual that you identify with going to sleep: brush your teeth, read ...

The Estivill Sleep Clinic recommends taking:

- Milk with honey. The home remedy of our grandmothers is based on a scientific basis. Milk contains an amino acid, tryptophan, that induces sleep. And honey is a carbohydrate that makes it easier for this amino acid to reach the brain.

- Valerian. It helps to stabilize the sleep cycle, but you have to be constant, since its effects are not noticeable just take a cup. We will have to wait for about three weeks of daily intake.

- Melatonin It is the hormone that releases our brain from tryptophan and that, among other functions, adjusts sleep and wake cycles. It is used in treatments against insomnia in authorized doses of 1.9 mg. In addition to milk, rice, oats, bananas and corn contain tryptophan.

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The blue, green and neutral tones favor a serene atmosphere. Another essential aspect is
the order: a chaotic bedroom has so many visual stimuli that it will cost you to calm down. From Ikea: bed frame Gjöra, in 160 x 200 cm (€ 295). Duvet cover Ängslilja, with 2 pillowcases (€ 29.99).


According to feng shui, the bed must be attached to the wall. Promoting a healthy environment is key. Flax regulates body temperature, eliminates bacteria and fungi and is a natural antiseptic. Magic Linen signature: duvet cover (between € 92 and € 184), fitted bottom sheet (from € 59) and pillowcase (from € 15).

Realization and photo: Paulina Arcklin.

Organize an eco-friendly environment

Use wall paintings with the Ecolabel certificate and environmentally friendly products. In the picture, Lo Monaco bedding, with the Öeko-Tex Eco Standar 100 seal, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances.

Japanese beds

No stress For a quality dream, put yourself in a Zen state. Japanese beds sit on a solid structure. Bed Hjärtelig / Malfors, with pine platform and foam mattress (€ 365).


Mattress Hidrasund, with 5 comfort zones that relieve shoulder and hip pressures; in 160 x 200 x 33 cm (€ 799). From Ikea.

Absorbs excess heat

A very high temperature makes rest difficult. The mattress Sensation Luxe, from Tempur, incorporates the technology Coolouch, which absorbs excess heat. It is sold in El Corte Inglés.

In summer and winter

Sleep problems do not know seasons. The cover of this mattress is removable and reversible, with a summer and winter face (€ 685). In PortobelloStreet.es.