A flat of 60 m2 adapted to a family

A flat of 60 m2 adapted to a family

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Located in the first Eixample of the city of Valencia, this 60 square meter apartment wasted charm, but it was not very functional for the couple with a small child who had just moved to it. Its three bedrooms corseted the interior a lot and its owners did not feel comfortable in it, so they decided to put it in the hands of the architect Anca Luciana Rotaru to adapt it to their needs. "It was necessary to generate fluid spaces, without losing the identity of a widening house, with high ceilings and original moldings." This explains Anca the main objectives of this comprehensive reform to which was added "generate as much storage space as possible, since the house was intended for a family with a child."

Sometimes, you have to lose something to win. And this was what happened in this house. The architect decided to dispense with one of the bedrooms so that its inhabitants lived without narrowness. This room was divided between the kitchen, the master bedroom and two ceiling to floor closets that serve as a wardrobe and as a pantry and laundry space. Communication between the rooms was also basic. To do this, Anca replaced the partition that closed the kitchen with a glass wall and opened a new double-leaf door between the children's bedroom and the living room, "in this way, a large common space is achieved, which allows the small child to be observed while play, "says the architect. As for the finishes, the original wooden doors were restored, preserving the designs of the moldings, and two types of flooring were arranged, "a porcelain tile and a wood, differentiating the circulation spaces of the three rooms that make up the house ".

The interior design and decoration are as friendly and functional as the floor of the house. All the details have been taken care of, from the porcelain knobs of the doors to the electrical switches and the same white, black, gray and brown tones cover all the rooms. The color note is provided by the plants, "which give life and bring freshness from the outside to the interior of the house," Anca concludes. A happy ending.


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A couple with a small child moved to this apartment of 60 square meters located in the first widening of Valencia. The architect Anca Luciana Rotaru was in charge of adapting it to them.

Comfort zone

View of the living room. The architect restored the original moldings to preserve the essence of the house.

Color palette

On a neutral background based on grays, whites and blacks, strokes of stronger colors have been given.


The plants bring freshness to the rooms.

Glass enclosure

The kitchen communicates visually with the living room thanks to glass doors.

Gray matter

The kitchen also continues with the color palette of the rest of the house.

More wood

Wood countertops provide the warm touch.

Great capacity

Every detail has been taken care of to make the most of the space.

All integrated

The appliances have been paneled so that everything integrates perfectly.

Gain space

It was decided to dispense with a bedroom to expand the storage space. In the image, the closet that was created as a pantry and laundry area.

Functionality at your feet

A tiled floor covers the passage areas. In the background, the children's bedroom and, on the left, the bathroom door.

First impression

Detail of the entrance decoration.

See where you step

Thanks to the use of two floors, the passage areas of the rooms were differentiated.

Deserved rest

View of the master bedroom, decorated in gray tones.

Out of the closet

The bedroom space that was removed was used to create a closet closet.

Breakfast in bed Bath

With the same floor as the entrance, achieving visual continuity between the spaces.

White and grey Two tickets

It was won in fluidity thanks to the installation of a door in the children's bedroom.

Always in sight

Thus, the couple can monitor their young child from the living room.


The same color range has been used in this bedroom.


If you pay attention you can see how care has been taken to the smallest detail.

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