Only a few lucky people will be able to live a 'brill-brilli' Christmas

Only a few lucky people will be able to live a 'brill-brilli' Christmas

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Courtesy of Booking

In the heart of London's Soho, the hotel platform Booking.com has set up this impressive room to live the brightest Christmas.

To begin with, the facade has been adorned with 36,000 sequins and within the house they have used 100 kilos of glitter (sustainable glitter, yes). Responsible for the design is Christian Cowan, author of many of Beyoncé and Lady Ga Ga's models among others celebrities.

Facade of House of Sparkle. Courtesy of Booking

"My last collection, which contained a lot of brightness, theatricality and, of course, glamor, has inspired me to House of Sparkle ", explains designer Christian Cowan.

This will be the reception that Booking will mount at home. Courtesy of Booking

The room can be booked exclusively on Booking.com from December 7 to 9, 2018.

Stay alert because only a few will be able to live this experience.

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