Ten ideas to expand your home

Ten ideas to expand your home

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Spain Advertising - Read on below 1 Connected areas Spain

If you communicate the environments, they will appear larger. Here a window-passport was opened to join living room and kitchen, and a sliding door, to integrate living room and dining room. By Art Home Architecture.

2 An arc-shaped access Spain

Open an arch instead of a door, you will gain luminosity, a sense of space and the environments will be delimited. Here one was opened between the hall and the living room. Good idea!

3 Take advantage of the walls with shelves Spain

If there is a lot to save and little space, put custom shelves from wall to wall. If you choose identical file cabinets and boxes, such as the Ikea Kassett, the result is harmonious.

4 Glazed panel to delimit Spain

A sliding glass panel, instead of a partition, allows space and visual amplitude to be gained, as well as allowing natural light to pass through. Here it was installed to delimit the hall of a passage area. All advantages!

- Bet on light shades, like whites, raw and beige, which always expand visually.
- Save space with versatile furniture: a coffee table containing poufs to sit on, an extendable table, a bed with a folding sofa for storage ...
- Make profitable areas wasted, like the corners or the space under the windows, with custom furniture.
- With mirrors, screens ... These materials come in handy to give depth and more visual amplitude.

5 Separate with furniture Spain

To avoid shortening the space, delimit spaces when placing furniture, such as this sofa that separates the living room from the dining room. And take advantage of a hole in the wall for a work shelf, as was done here, on the radiator.

6 Dining room made desk Spain

See what an ingenious way to win a work area in the dining room without subtracting meters! The furniture, designed by Irene Briones, becomes a desk when its swing doors open. And to sit the dining room chairs!

7 Win a quiet reading corner Spain

Do you need an area to read in the classroom? You just have to put a chaise longue, a flexo and insulate with a low shelf without back, which delimits without closing the space.

8 An extra room in the attic Spain

Take advantage of the attic to win one more bedroom at home. Enable it as such, open a Velux window and properly heat if necessary. The custom built-in wardrobe follows the inclination of the ceiling.

9 With a sliding door Spain

If you opt for this type of door, instead of a swing, you will save 1 m. Here it has been installed to connect the bedroom with the dining room, gaining useful space. The door has been painted in white, a color that expands.

10 With a built-in shelf Spain

Do you want to gain space in the bathroom to store gels and accessories? Open a mini shelf built into a wall recess. And even better if you put a glass door, which lightens and allows you to see inside.