How to make a sweet bread ... and homemade!

How to make a sweet bread ... and homemade!

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The bakeries allow to have a crusty and hot bread in 3 hours at home. In addition, it is perfect for allergy sufferers and intolerant control ingredients. When buying, look at ...

Capacity. The most common allow breads of about 700-800 g. If your family is large, look for models with the largest bucket.

HOW DO YOU WANT IT? Enter the food, choose the program and in a few hours ready! Courtesy of Moulinex

Cooking cycles. What you should have are normal bread, fast bread and French bread. From here, look for models that fit your needs, with shorter cycles if you usually go in a hurry or models that allow you to achieve different effects or finishes if you are looking for different flavors.

Timer It will allow you to bake while you sleep and wake up with a delicious smell of freshly baked bread.

RECIPE: White bread in bakery

INGREDIENTS (4 people):- 500 g of baker's flour
- 300 g of water
- 2 g of dry yeast
- 5 g of salt

To weigh each ingredient in the mixer bowl to ensure that the amounts are correct and the final result is not spoiled. Heat the water until it is warm, about 30º C. Pour it into the bucket with the salt and dry yeast and stir well so that all the ingredients are integrated.

Add the baking flour little by little and mix the dough well until it is without lumps. Choose the program of the bakery that fits a bread of about 800 grams of weight approx. and with dark bark.

Let cool on the baker's rack, cut slices with a serrated blade knife, to prevent the bread from breaking and ready to eat. You'll love it!


Panasonic Bakery Bakery

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Wholemeal bread, brioche, but also biscuits, pizza doughs or jams.

Moulinex Bakery Bakery

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Pain doré with 12 programs

knife What a cut!

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If you don't want it to break when you cut it, choose a baker knife with a serrated blade.

Panera Panera

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30,38 €, from T&G

Bring your freshly baked bread to the table in a breadbasket like this acacia wood with handles.

cutting board

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Opt for a solid wood to prevent it from moving when cutting, Bamboo, From home.