Before and After: A beautiful new and clear bathroom

Before and After: A beautiful new and clear bathroom

Courtesy With Much Taste

The bathroom looks like another. The company of reforms With pleasure With Jessica Zueras in the lead, she was in charge of the transformation.

Dark, narrow, outdated and ugly. The bathroom needed an urgent reform, to take advantage of its full potential. The goal: to gain natural light and more useful space, without dispensing with the bathtub. Courtesy of With pleasure

These are the successes of the work:

More width. The space could widen thanks to the annex of part of an adjacent glazed terrace. For that same reason it was also possible to place a double window, instead of a single window, since there was previously an enclosure on the facade.

BAdds horizontally. This element became super essential in a bathroom for children. It was placed on the bottom wall arranged horizontally: visually it occupies less. In addition, the area is independent of the rest thanks to the partition wall, now in sight, after gaining extra meters to the terrace. This partition forms a recess in the wall, used in turn to place the toilet and sink.

Practical DetailsA towel radiator keeps towels dry and warm next to the bathtub. And a ladder facilitates children's access to its interior. Courtesy of With pleasure

Toilet displaced. Modifying your location in a bathroom always depends on the downspout. Ideally, do not move more than one meter from the original place and give the correct inclination to the tubes, to avoid possible jams.

SYearbooks on the same front. This allows you to leave a relieved aisle on the left. Small models have been chosen: in the case of the washbasin, it is a design without a pedestal and with a wardrobe. And the toilet is the model The Gap, from the firm Roca.

Courtesy of With Much Taste

The access door has been relocated, as well as the placement of the toilets, to leave a wide hallway to the bathtub. The natural lighting was reinforced with waterproof points of light.

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