Tell me which series you watch and I will tell you what deco style you would like

Tell me which series you watch and I will tell you what deco style you would like

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No need to hide it, we also suffer from addiction to series, and that is why we hope you will launch which magpie to look for your favorite series in this theme to see if we succeed with the deco style ...

Do you sign up for the game?

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Who would not have liked to have a good spree with the court of Louis XIV in Versailles? But as unfortunately we do not have a time machine, we will always have the carnival ... or this bedroom!

Pinterest: Erin Dickerson

'SHERLOCK' - Netflix

There is nothing like a pipe investigation in this Victorian-inspired fireplace room. Elementary, dear reader ...

Pinterest: Maja Arias

'TWIN PEAKS' - Movistar +

In this bed you can ask yourself who killed Laura Palmer (if you still do not know it), or have impure thoughts with Agent Cooper (although in the last season it is not very good to see). But whatever you do, surely you love this cabin!

Pinterest: Miriam Delgado Cruz


Do you think Joan Crawford would like it? He could gossip with Hedda Hopper or rehearse his dialogues of What happened to Baby Jone?

Pinterest: Elle Decor


Can you imagine the Lannisters and the Starks having a friendly dinner in this medieval-style dining room? We do, as long as the wine glasses carry a little throttle

Pinterest: Trapines


Surely Liza and Maggie would live so happy in this loft with enough space to store the entire collection of paintings by the artist.

Pinterest: Carmen Lodos

'RIVIERA' - Movistar +

With such a bedroom, anyone would forget that there is a crime to solve ... Even Georgina.

Pinterest: Valeria Rodríguez

'THE BRIDGE' - Movistar +

If you are a fan of the Nordic series, you will know that Saga is not very good at social relations or household chores, so ... Do you think that with this cool kitchen would improve your culinary skills?

Pinterest: GPrendes

'HOUSE OF CARDS' - Netflix

At this point in the series, could Frank and Claire solve their marital problems in this luxury bedroom? Maybe getting away from the White House is good for them…

Pinterest: Isabel Sánchez


Carrie Bradshaw would like ... and you know it! Although it is not necessary to be a fashionist to find the point to this dressing room ...