A house of 65 m² in the south

A house of 65 m² in the south

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Since the first summer of married couples, five years ago, Raúl and Pilar, owners of this Cadiz house, dreamed of finding a summer house; if possible, near the beach and, of course, within your means. He, from Seville, although born in Madrid, was logically betting on his Andalusian land; so, when the opportunity arose to acquire this townhouse in El Puerto de Santa María They did not hesitate for a moment. Their 65 m² divided into two floors, with two bedrooms, They were more than enough for this young couple. She, in addition to the excellent location of the house - which allowed her to walk on the beach - loved the two small porches, one front and one rear, very appetizing for summer lunches and dinners, and oriented in such a way that one of the two always has a refreshing shadow; basic condition in this hot region.

Perhaps the only drawback of the house was its condition, somewhat neglected after 15 years. In order to solve it they renewed some coatings in the kitchen and on the first floor, always opting for easy-to-install materials over existing ones, to avoid cumbersome works. As for the decoration, they wanted to achieve calm, relaxing and fresh environments above all, that invited to rest during their expected vacation. For this reason, they placed very few furniture, only the essential ones, and few ornaments, giving greater prominence to the walls. On the ground floor, for example, two tones were combined within the range of toasts, very appropriate for the wood and vegetable fiber furniture that decorate this area.

On the top floor, instead, He opted for a marine style with striking blue and white striped walls. To reinforce this idea, and take advantage of the incredible light characteristic of this area, the windows were dressed with Steam curtains and beds with white bedspreads and butterflies. In the bathroom, the same philosophy was continued: simplicity and clarity above all. Under these premises it was coated with white tile, combined with toilets and countertop of the same color.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the living room, the sofa was covered with a white cotton cover that, in addition to being washable, contrasts with the wood and fiber furniture, enhancing the light.

Hyacinth armchair in Habitat. Tropical wooden table in A Toca Teca. Banana fiber pouf and square cushions in Casagrande. Ikea lamp.

The dining room furniture, which was already in the house, was painted white and the chairs were completed with some striped cookies.

A bamboo carpet, very easy to clean, defines the area. Tableware and table runners, for sale in El Baúl. Carpet, by Casagrande. Cookies, from Ikea.

The hole that remains under the stairs was used to locate a sideboard, the only piece of furniture with storage capacity in this area.

In addition, in order to integrate it, it was chosen exactly in the same tones of the wall. Visdalen sideboard from Ikea. Table lamp from El Baúl.

The kitchen's dishwasher, in addition to being very useful during meals, allows the passage of natural light to the dining room.

For this reason, it is usually always kept open, except when cooking, which closes to avoid odors.

The detail

The old kitchen border was covered with another adhesive, much more decorative, and appropriate for white laminated furniture.

In the small back garden a pleasant area for lunch and dinner outdoors was created.

The furniture chosen is made of aluminum finished in black and braided plastic, which mimic wrought iron and fiber, but perfectly withstand the weather and do not spoil with water.

When painting the striped wall, ornaments in the bedroom and even a headboard were dispensed with.

In fact, to create uniformity, the bed dressed in the same tones. Blanket of Don Cotton. Organza bench and curtains, from Ikea.

The tables with wooden top put a warm note in the rest area and also have storage capacity.

Visdalen bedside table and Ikea lamp. Vase, from Casagrande.

The solution.

The small dimensions of the bathroom hindered its distribution; for that reason, a flown countertop was chosen, without furniture underneath, so that it would not be overwhelming.

Relaxing colors

Enter some color note with details in blue. It combines very well with neutral tones and wooden furniture. These are: neutral F6.10.70; ocher E8.30.70 and blue T0.20.70; from Bruguer Mix.