A house with a vintage accent

A house with a vintage accent

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With the advice of the designer Teresa Abaitua To achieve a balanced combination of colors, the owner of this detached house achieved a fresh and personal decoration. The key was the recovery of old parts -which confers that vintage accent- that coexist in harmony with current design pieces. In all environments, the same premise: that no furniture subtract breadth.

Throughout the house charming corners were created, as the hall, which welcomes you with an old dresser on which a convex mirror rests. This space is the prelude to the predominant style in the rest of the house. The living room was located next to a large window. In order not to reduce brightness, the most voluminous walls and furniture were chosen in neutral colors. The living room was oriented towards the fireplace, framed by a silver molding on which a ornate jewel mirror. Here, an old recovered chair was updated with different fabrics on the back and on the seat to create the perfect counterpoint of the sofa and armchair, upholstered with plain fabrics. The pieces of wood were fused with the furniture made of glass and iron thanks to the complements, which use color as a link between each other. The original parquet floor, which was kept in the living room and in the bedrooms, was dressed with carpets. In the rest of the house, the Hydraulic tiles add authenticity with your geometric drawings. The kitchen undoubtedly deserves a special mention. It followed the same decorative trend, but without giving up functional criteria.

Through a hallway you access the bedrooms. On the main one, the walls were painted in two pastel shades that serve as a backdrop for an eclectic decoration in which the focus of attention is not lacking, such as the mirror that centers the gaze on the headboard. The combination of styles also characterizes the bathroom, where the current furniture contrasts with the hydraulic floor. In the children's bedroom a fresh image was achieved, in which the walls are the real protagonists with casual vinyl and a headboard reminiscent of hippies. A dynamic detail: butterflies and dragonflies that decorate the walls of the room They fly and perch also in the bathroom. Thorough elements, loaded with trend, which are a fundamental part of the suggestive atmosphere created in this project.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room in harmony

The living room, bathed by the natural light that enters through the windows, is an example of balance and warmth achieved thanks to wooden furniture and iron and glass auxiliaries. The combination of decorative styles so different adds an attractive touch of sophistication. VTV sofa. All side tables are from Lou & Hernández, as well as the crystal balls. Lamps, from El 8. Estores, by Gastón y Daniela. The letter N comes from La Europea.

The colors of the room

The wise use of color that has been made throughout the home conveys optimism and energy. A sample is the living room, where the geometric pattern of the carpet is nuanced with the plain textiles of the blinds and seats. For the complements pink, green and yellow tones have been chosen. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB. On the tables, vases, by Lou & Hernández. Cushions: yellow and light green, from BSB; The dark green comes from the Antennae store.

Romantic dining room

It is the sensation that is perceived thanks to the excellent connection between the pieces, all of emblematic design. The success: the old chairs reupholstered with scraps of fabric that the owner kept. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB. Wardrobe, by Becara. Table paths, from Zara Home. Cups by Vinçon. Crockery by Ikea. Wall plate, for sale in La Europea.

Vintage references

When resorting to pieces of old design, but brought with pleasure to the present, charming corners have been obtained in several points of the house. Coffee tables with kidney-shaped envelope, for sale in El 8. Antique desk, recovered.

Mix decoration

On the wall, painted in white and green, highlights an antique marquetry chest of drawers and a convex mirror. The composition, bold, compensates for the prominence of the floor, paved with striking hydraulic tiles. Azulejos, from Mosaics of the South. Mirror, from SCV. White vases, from El 8. Letra y lamina, from La Europea. Metal cage, by Lou & Hernández. Chair, from Batavia. Cushion, by Antennae. Wall and ceiling lamp, by Becara.

Around the fireplace

The distribution of the room was articulated around the fire: the sun-shaped mirror focuses more attention on this area. The seating arrangement invites to the talk and allows you to enjoy the views of the Madrid mountains that are contemplated from the window. Mirror, by Lou & Hernández.

Dining room

From the hall you can access the kitchen through a vain, which also makes us go back in time to the dining rooms of yesteryear. The open metal shelf is perfect for holding canned vegetables, pulses and pasta. Mesa, by Becara. Red chairs, from La Europea. Vinçon cups and metal shelving. Dishes, from Ikea. Individuals, for sale at Zara Home.

Functional kitchen

What more could you ask for in a kitchen? The storage capacity is maintained without affecting the original combination of tiles, which make up a cheerful color mosaic on the cooking front. Colored tiles and floor tiles, by Álvaro Guadaño. The cabinets are sold in Ikea.

U-shaped kitchen

The large dimensions of the kitchen facilitated a distribution on three fronts that houses the plate, the sink and a peninsula with drawers. The furniture, finished in beech wood and with steel handles, enhances the feeling of warmth. The details are not lacking in the work front, with accessories that help organize utensils and condiments.

Main bedroom

The calm must reign in the resting place par excellence in a house: the bedroom. In this space, the tranquility of the environment is only animated with a colorful carpet and lilac wall paint in the background. Carpet, by Paul Smith, in BSB. Bedside table, from SCV. Ikea's bed. Lamp and vase, by Lou & Hernández. Cushions, boutí and slippers, from Antennae. Sun mirror, from El 8. Metal coat hanger, white lacquered, from Batavia. Bedding, Texture.

Washbasin area

Furniture, mirror and bench, from Ikea. Wall lights by Vinçon. Vases, by Lou & Hernández. Boats, Texture. Wooden stool, from Batavia.

A practical bathroom

It opted for storage, with furniture with plenty of storage space. The hydraulic floor together with the retro taps set the difference. Hydraulic tiles, from Azulejos del Sur.

Child's bedroom

The surprise effect is present in all rooms. Proof of this is the children's bedroom, in which the careful look at the past has been maintained in the furniture, animated with fun complements and casual color notes.
Bedroom: headboard tapestry, from BSB; metal bedside table, car and lamp, by Lou & Hernández; Bedding, Texture; cushions and carpet, from Antennae.

The toilet

In the toilet that look to the past is also recreated with fun touches of color. Washbasin, by Valadares; faucets, from Buades; table, towels and basket, Zara Home; old mirror, pickling.

Blueprint and ideas for the kitchen

- There are different options for furniture: wood in a natural finish or painted in white. Pastel shades are also appropriate.
- The sinks are large, ceramic or porcelain, with a fitting taps, old design.
- Appliances? Inspired by the past.
- The typical kitchen utensils and ingredients are exposed as part of the decoration. The shelves are filled with teapots, dishes, fountains, casseroles, herbs ...
- If there is space to create an office, the natural wood tables are ideal, accompanied by retro design chairs.