And there was light! The before and after a flat in the Sagrada Familia

And there was light! The before and after a flat in the Sagrada Familia

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Daniela's attic

When the team of Daniela's attic first visited this 50 m2 apartment located in the emblematic Plaza Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the dark atmosphere, mixed with an austere and outdated decoration, led to a series of mixed emotions that, fortunately, failed to take away the hope of converting the space into a habitable and bright home, since, actually, it had a lot of potential. We show you the before and after!

Advertising - Keep reading below BEFORE: A box of surprises Daniela's attic

When they removed the old furniture, they got to count up to 6 beds.

AFTER: Connected spaces Daniela's attic

The removal of hall and lounge doors increased brightness and visual amplitude.

BEFORE: Useful resources Daniela's attic

To the join two adjoining rooms who were in the brightest area of ​​the house, conceived a new and spacious lounge.

AFTER: Expert Tricks Daniela's attic

Although they didn't have too much horizontal space, the height of the ceilings allowed to play with proportions in the large format auxiliary decoration, like pictures and lamps, which increased the depth of the rooms.

The Nordic spirit dresses the dining room in style Daniela's Attic Reading Area Daniela's attic

A reading corner was conceived in the living room, framed with a laminate floor of hydraulic inspiration of the firm Finsa in smooth tone.

BEFORE: The kitchen Daniela's attic

The old kitchen and laundry room became a new bedroom.

AFTER: The kitchen as a core Daniela's attic

The kitchen occupied the center of the house, thus eliminating an old double room with a desk.

BEFORE: Dark rooms Daniela's attic

Initially, the rooms were cold and narrow.

AFTER: All interior design is true to the same tonal range Daniela's Attic BEFORE: A Narrow Bath Daniela's attic

In the bathroom, the dimensions of the shower were extended, and the location of the old washing machine served to install the new sink.

AFTER: Essence intact Daniela's attic

The original doors of the house were preserved, restoring them and updating them with handles and handles in golden color.

Marble clad Daniela's attic

The marble clad bathroom walls, add a point of glamor to the design.

The work shower optimizes the space The attic of Daniela Plano de la reforma Daniela's attic

Information and photographs: Courtesy of Daniela's attic.