An apartment with bohemian charm

An apartment with bohemian charm

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It has a special charm thanks to the harmony achieved in its decoration, where French style spaces are mixed inside with the ethnic notes that predominate on the terrace. After a demanding reform, which was commissioned the decorator Carmina Baygual, This Barcelona apartment became an escape refuge for its owners, who do not usually reside in the city.

Both the windows of the living room and those of the kitchen are not the original ones of the house, but they were bought in an antique shop and, depending on their measurements, the openings were made in the main facade. This feature marked the interior design project, aimed at achieving bright and spacious spaces that raise the decorative potential of the house. Fundamental was the height of the ceilings, with two levels in the living room and exposed beams which, painted white, contrast with the floor - a dark wooden platform - in an attractive optical game. In the bedroom, the objective was the search for the feeling of balance, to which the selected ranges contribute as background shades - lands of different intensity - whose neutrality is encouraged with chosen touches in pink.

The sophisticated hue is provided by the metallic reflections of the headboard paper and the lamp shade of the bedside table. To preserve the bed from the eyes from the access door to the bedroom, the dressing room was created at the entrance in the form of L, in the same shades as the rest of the room. The final result? A contemporary apartment, without stridency, that boasts elegance.

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The architectural elements recreate the French style, with the spectacular ceiling in two heights painted white and the windows recovered with frames. The sinuous shapes of the furniture, the fireplace and the delicacy of the accessories enhance that flirty chic air. Sofa and chaise-longue, by Cusó Tapicería, with fabrics from C.M. Textiles Mesa by Unopiù. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB.

Multicultural decoration on the terrace

Low tables in the purest oriental style, a Moroccan air lantern and Persian-inspired carpets are combined in an evocation of distant destinations. On the terrace the predominant interior style is abandoned to create a more informal space. Wooden side tables, from Natura. Sofa, by Unopiù. Old carpets, from Tierra Azul. Awning, from Toldos Febo. The cushions are a souvenir of one of the owners' trips to Morocco.

Privileged corner

The large terrace, which is accessed from the lounge, is the perfect oasis to relax or have tea while night falls. The taste for ethnicity is evident in the choice of decorative accessories. Coffee table and chairs in green, by Habitat. Moroccan glasses, from Natura.

Black and white lounge

The combination of plain and striped fabrics enriches the living area, with seats in perfect arrangement for the talk. In addition, it has a plus of style: the recovered fireplace. Mirror, by Mavi Lizán. Fireplace, from Otranto. Ancient trunks, from Earth Blue. Curtains, from Villegas.

More than a dining room

The office is personal and cozy thanks to the peculiar combination of elements: the old table, the chairs with grid backrest, the latticework that covers the wall ... The seats are completed with a bench that becomes a bed for the guests. Table, of Restoration Study. Chairs, for sale in Ana Ros. The fabrics come from C.M. Textiles

A practical kitchen

In the kitchen two zones were created: the one of work, on these lines, and the one of dining room, in the other page. The first was distributed in a U-shape with furniture finished in light blue wood. Only high modules were placed on both sides of the bell: two display cabinets with an original composition of quarters.

Classic bedroom

The original windows of the construction give a stately air to the bedroom and contribute to creating a romantic atmosphere. Coarse-weave and tan tones provide serenity. Paper, from La Maison. Headboard and armchair, by Cusó Tapiceros. Lamp and bedside table, Cottage. Cushions, from Coriumcasa. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB.

Dressing room

A composition of cabinets with white lacquered fronts solves the storage problem. Its distribution in L creates a small distributor that maintains privacy in the rest area. Wardrobes, from My Dear Furniture. Curtains made in Villegas with Gastón and Daniela fabrics.


The wallpaper, with a delicate floral print, enhances the warmth in the bathroom. To protect it from water, two Silestone fronts were installed: one in the sink area and a vertical iron in the bathtub. Without more artifice, the set is completed with a square mirror and two flirty appliques. Washbasin, by Mármoles Juyol. Paper, for sale at Pepe Peñalver.


- The classic style which predominates in the bedroom, achieved with basic earth tones and punctual notes in an intense strawberry color, which add touches of romanticism.

- The prominence of the window, with curved lintel and carpentry in white. Its presence is enhanced with curtains and double-sided curtains. On the bar, the auctions are decorated with tassels of trimmings.

- The creation of a dressing room, which becomes independent from the bedroom with an L-shaped closet that does not reach the ceiling to facilitate the passage of natural light.