Before and after: changing the image of an outdated floor

Before and after: changing the image of an outdated floor

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The expert in home staging Jaione Elizalde received a very special assignment: to renovate an apartment located in a central neighborhood of Pamplona in which they have lived a marriage with three children for more than 40 years. "Now, when the children have become independent and their needs have changed, they wanted to turn the aesthetics of their home, which over the years had not made any improvement and presented the typical appearance of a house very vivid, with a dark and ancient aesthetic, loaded with objects, "explains Jaione.

The only requirements that the owners put were that the house was comfortable and that the style was current, but warm, with natural touches. The rest they left in their hands. "I had full freedom, without the need on many occasions to consult, since the owners fully trusted my criteria." That freedom has materialized in a home that is as cozy as it is fresh, in which materials with a natural finish, such as oak wood and stone and marble effect surfaces, predominate. The color palette is determined by neutral tones, which are the basis on which Jaione has given more vivid brushstrokes of mustard, gold, turquoise or petroleum blue, covering accessories and furniture from local carpenters and firms A38, Riva , Ikea and Aquitaine. Without a doubt, a very good way to start a new stage in life.

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A couple with three children who had just become independent wanted to go around their flat. Jaione Elizalde was in charge of carrying it out. In the living room, sofa from the A38 store.

Front view

In the living room a led curtain has been created to give prominence to a wall that could be viewed from the entrance.

All in one

A dining area has been placed next to the living room.

A table set

"I wanted a unique piece for the living room and that is provided by the great solid walnut table with natural edges and iron legs of the Riva firm," explains Jaione.

Riva table purchased at the SALTOKI store.

Mirror, magic mirror

An original mirror composition adorns the dining room wall. Helios lamps.


"For the entrance I was looking for a sophisticated paper, but that did not tire and create an effect of harmony with the whole and that at the same time was special. I found it in A38, as well as many of the furniture that decorate the house," says the interior designer The solid oak console was commissioned from a custom carpenter.


Decorating the entrance a squeeze of wooden busts.

Hold the line

A closet with a discreet linear print next to the access door to the kitchen.

Open doors

The sliding door allows you to fully open the kitchen at the entrance.

Office area

In the kitchen a small dining room with oil blue chairs from Ikea was installed.

Narrow plant

"The kitchen is another strong point," explains Jaoine, "Having an elongated shape, it was convenient not to create an agonizing tube effect."

All to the white

From the beginning, at the request of the owner, Hiruek's kitchen, was distributed in parallel, so a completely white one with no high modules in the cooking zone was chosen.

Marbled effect

The countertop, also clear, is made of Dekton with marble effect.

Main bedroom

A white background was chosen to which mustard, gray and brown touches have been added.

Bed companion

The headboard in tobacco color and the bedside tables, which add a current touch thanks to its lines.

A custom sliding wardrobe was installed in the same tone as the walls, so that it merged with them.

Natural beauty

"For the bathroom coverings I have looked for the very natural stone effect"

Second bedroom

White with touches of pink and black.

Second bathroom

The shower area was framed with a gray tile, the rest remained white.

Study zone

"The owners wanted a comfortable area to be daily, with a small corner for study," explains Jaione.

The entrance before The lounge before The bedroom before The bathroom before Second bedroom before The second bathroom before