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Pablo Sarabia /

Some of the best interior design studies have given us the guidelines to know first-hand what kind of reforms are the most common and what is the secret of their success.

María L.M. Krahe: Cheap & Chic Studio

Accommodating the houses to the needs of their owners for a reasonable price, and trying not to go out of style, are the basic ones of Maria.

María L.M. Krahe: Cheap & Chic Studio

What kind of reforms do your clients usually request? Getting a kitchen that is functional and updating the bathrooms is the most frequent.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
Joining the kitchen to the living room is an increasingly demanded solution. The kitchen is the heart of the house and is no longer hidden. By joining the kitchen to other rooms we get a multifunctional space, where everything is visually connected and the family can be reunited, although each member carries out a different activity: cooking, watching TV, working, doing homework ... It is a way of Share quality time all together. As for materials, trends or colors, it cannot be generalized, because each house
It's a world.

What would be the perfect reform for you? That which meets the needs of the client in terms of functionality and aesthetics, with a reasonable price. In short, in which there is room for ideas that are worth more than they really cost.

What piece can completely change a stay? I believe that there is no single piece. My vision is always global. I like those with a special value for the owners, give them the place they deserve regardless of their aesthetic value.

Buying everything new and beautiful when decorating a house is too easy, Maria says. She tells us that she is in love with the chairs, she loves to mix them, reupholster them boldly, take risks with them. "The effect is almost sculptural," he says. He also likes to play contrast, mix ... Whether modern furniture with other more classic, ultimately achieve an eclectic and unpredictable style. "For me less is more," says Maria. I only apply the trends in a final layer of the project with textiles, wallpaper, furniture ... We must open our minds to new formats of residential space ”.

Daniel Povedano and Lara de la Mata: Deleite Design

Daniel Povedano and Lara de la Mata integrate this interior design studio, with an online store, whose philosophy is to take care of every detail. Performing different, elegant, timeless and functional projects is the leit motiv of the interior design studio Deleite Design. They have told us their way of understanding the decoration.

Daniel Povedano and Lara de la Mata: Deleite Design

What types of reforms do your clients ask for more? Normally we make comprehensive reforms. We modify the distribution to adapt it to the needs of the owners. We try to take advantage of every cm2, gain in storage and avoid lost spaces. We think of a practical way to create rooms, communicate them and the most optimal routes.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
We use timeless materials, the trends are ephemeral. Now we are putting a lot of chimney, electric or ethanol. We love working with mirrors and lattices to separate environments and play with the lights.
What would be your perfect reform?

A work in a historic building in the center of Madrid, with moldings, towering ceilings and classic, original architectural elements.

What piece can completely change a stay? The materials must be consistent throughout the house, some rooms will remind others even if they have different touches. The mixture of textures, styles and materials in the furniture, and a deco that makes that house unique.

“The great advantage of reforming a home - Daniel tells us - is that it is you who adapts it to your lifestyle and tastes. Customers who hire an interior design studio look for special finishes with original tiles, floor to ceiling doors, pampering for details, such as the selection of mechanisms, door handles, good lighting design, custom furniture, such as that we design… ”

Ana Martín, Nahia Macon and Lara Muñoz: Emmme Studio

Ana Martín, Nahia Macon and Lara Muñoz are the three architects of the Emmme Studio studio, specialized in interior design slow. They joined in 2014, convinced that the conventional design process was obsolete and willing to change the way of doing and seeing things in this fascinating world. Their projects are spaces created so that their owners feel at ease.

Ana Martín, Nahia Macon and Lara Muñoz: Emmme Studio.

What advantages does a house have to reform? We believe that the best trick to play is the possibility of adapting it to the needs we have and, in addition, optimizing the space.
What kind of reforms do your clients ask for more?
Above all comprehensive reforms. In the end, it is the only way to value all the space together and always get the most out of it.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
Today we think that the trend is open spaces, functional and easy to clean.
What would be your perfect reform? The truth?
A work with clients who trust one hundred percent in us ... And we have had the good fortune to do many of those!
What piece can completely change a stay?
Family memories Although we decorate a space to the smallest detail, we always leave a hole for those types of objects that make a special and personal home.

His work philosophy, based on a collaborative design process with his clients, can be seen in his projects where every detail is thought out. The difference between one house and another - as Nahia points out - is in the personal decoration, in those concrete objects that make it unique, "like family photographs, a memory of a trip or that whim that we have always wanted to have."

Cristina Chaves Galán and Adriana Arranz Sobrini: Galán Sobrini

Cristina Chaves Galán and Adriana Arranz Sobrini are the alma mater of the Galán Sobrini architecture, interior design and decoration studio specializing in residential projects. For 10 years this study offers its potential customers the product Home your house, an essential project of architecture and interior design, without any commitment to follow with them the process of the work. Thus they conceive their reforms.

What kind of works do you do? Integral reforms, interior design and decoration of old apartments located in the center of Madrid. We specialize in homes where you have to update "the guts", break up spaces and renovate materials and finishes.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
We are committed to clean, open and flexible spaces that enhance the light. We choose noble materials, which are the most timeless, and we try to flee from ephemeral trends.
What would be your perfect reform?
We face each project with passion and enthusiasm and each one becomes perfect.
What piece can completely change a stay?
In spaces, lighting is key; in decoration, the best detail is “the unexpected” and in furniture, a French bureau on a microcement floor or a sofa of architectural lines in a continent full of moldings.

“Investing in a second-hand home and reforming it, in addition to adapting it to the owners' taste, allows you to get the best out of the property,” they tell us. You can even fix their possible weaknesses. ” Through his words it is noted that they are passionately involved in each of their projects "so much that we end up talking about each property in the first person - they assure-".

The architect María José Navarro: Estudio Nasezen

The architect María José Navarro is in charge of the Nasezen Studio whose objective is to find the balance between space, color and light. After working in several architecture studios, María José Navarro founded her own in 2004: Nasezen, specializing in housing and local reforms, real estate developments and sale and purchase of real estate in Madrid and surroundings.

María José Navarro: Nasezen Study

What types of reforms do your customers ask for? Increasingly, we are thinking of integral reforms, which allow us to start from scratch and make new distributions of spaces that adapt to the client, with a neutral environment, which allows the coexistence of different decorative pieces and furniture of varied styles.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
The unit of the rooms where more life is made is sought, such as living room, kitchen and office, to create diaphanous and connected spaces, in which light and visual communication are essential. To talk about trends is to talk about mixtures of colors, textures, designs that break the above.
What would be your perfect reform?
That in which the result transmits spatial fluidity, visual communications and light. I am looking for relaxed spaces.
What piece can completely change a stay?
A striking velvet sofa, a large ethnic sideboard and a good lighting project.

What is the key to the success of an architectural or interior design project? "The one in which the aesthetic, functional and structural factors reach a point of total equilibrium - affirms María José - without forgetting the main ingredient: the good understanding with the client". He assures that the eclectic style is the great winner at this time, although she confesses to feeling more identified with the Nordic.

Ignacio Lorente and Sara Torrijos: Lotoarchilab

Ignacio Lorente and Sara Torrijos are in charge of Lotoarchilab, an international architecture laboratory specializing in sustainable projects, interior design and 3D visualization. The passion for the architecture of these two professionals made possible the creation in 2012 of Lotoarchilab, a specialized studio whose motto is "The house must adapt to you".

Ignacio Lorente and Sara Torrijos: Lotoarchilab

What kind of reforms do your clients ask for more? Comprehensive, in a total intervention you can adjust all the needs to the last detail. Also interior design advice in those homes of a certain architectural value that require retaining a historical essence.
Where do trends in distribution, materials and colors go?
It tends to open, bright, bright spaces that make us feel good inside. More and more these are dressed in vibrant colors and pure forms, accompanied by noble and welcoming materials, such as wood. And, of course, golden touches are an absolute trend today.
What would be your perfect reform?
The one in which we get the owners to really discover what they need and carry it out. It is a delicate research task.
What piece can completely change a stay?
The lamps are capable of giving the space an absolute personality. Also some antiques pieces.

“In Lotoarchilab we experiment with color - Sara tells us - as in this kitchen project in pink. We bet on fun and sophisticated finishes, such as bedrooms covered with tropical wallpapers or tiles in the area of ​​the basins arranged in an original way. And we love open spaces, such as this room (below) with two rooms, one in double height, for the living room, and another for reading, next to the fireplace ”.

Paula Duarte: Paula Duarte Interior Design

Interior architect, Paula Duarte has been an interior designer since 1996 and in 2007 she founded her own studio, Paula Duarte Interiorismo. In these 11 years Paula has carried out interior design projects in homes and commercial spaces. “Reforming a house has many advantages - he tells us - we can access more central areas, it is cheaper than a new one and the space is redistributed to the owners' taste”.

Paula Duarte Interior design.

What kind of reforms do your customers ask for more? I make integral reforms with or without decoration and furnishing, type "turnkey".
Where do trends go in terms of distribution, materials and colors?
The redistribution of spaces with a more open concept is being implemented. Family life has changed a lot in the last decades and now it seeks to integrate the family more with open living areas next to the kitchen and common leisure space for adults and children, such as craft rooms or games that are integrated into the living room with sliding doors or panels.
What would be your perfect reform?
The one in which the client agrees with my way of seeing the interior design and I
let do ...
What piece can completely change a stay?
The choice of the general pavement of the whole house. It's like shoes in dress can change everything!

Paula Duarte's decorative projects abound in the color contrast of black and white, which brings personality and elegance to the rooms. The warmth comes with wood and natural fiber. And as he has exposed us, he is very careful when selecting the pavements that become the undisputed protagonists of the rooms, as these examples of hydraulics with geometric motifs that decorate floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms demonstrate.