A kind refuge in the Alentejo

A kind refuge in the Alentejo

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Advertising - Keep reading under Breakfast in the garden

Breakfast well deserves an outstanding mention. In the garden or in the dining room, the visitor enjoys without hours a different tasting every day, at the whim of the cook. Fruit, cheese, natural juices and homemade desserts are served outdoors among trees and flowers.

The rooms

Without artifice or stridency, only with simplicity and comfort as a reference. Each of the rooms and bathrooms has been designed with a personalized decoration.

In the bathrooms

As in the rooms, the decoration of the bathrooms is articulated around pieces of natural wood and cotton textiles.

A lounge for relaxation

In the lounge you can listen to music, read or share the anecdotes of the day with other guests. A large colorist portrait - work by Pablo Martínez, an artist friend of the owners - presides over the library. A perfect place as before dinner.

A dining room to taste

Dark wood tables and director's chairs have been chosen for the dining room.

Distributor between kitchen and dining room

There are no doors between the dining room and the kitchen, there is only a small distributor with an old stove. Most of the furniture in the house are typical Alentejan pieces recovered, some have been rescued from antique dealers and others are family memories.

A charming kitchen

The kitchen is open to anyone who wants to share the essence of the natural. A long rectangular table and several wooden stools are the axis around which the work area is arranged. Once again, a space designed to share.