Tips to pay less this year for heating

Tips to pay less this year for heating

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Power, only the necessary. Boilers, electric water heaters or heat pumps with a capacity greater than what we need in the home will lead to an energy waste. The power and capacity of the equipment must be appropriate to each case.

Insulate the house well. If you are going to reform the house, take advantage to reinforce the insulation of walls, floors, ceilings and glazing. Meanwhile, you can use the weatherstripping, for windows and doors, and insulate the blind boxes with polystyrene sheets, through which a good part of the heat escapes.

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In a building with a good insulation of walls, roof, floor, windows and doors can reduce energy consumption by up to 70-80%.

Sometimes it is difficult to detect where the heat escapes in a house. Today there are tools at our disposal to discover what are the vanishing points of those degrees of temperature that ultimately damage the domestic economy and our health. Mobile phones such as the Cat S61 have a thermal camera to see cold spots at a glance.

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Purge water radiators. They work more efficiently. Do it before it is turned on in winter. Also, place them under the windows, it is the optimal place for better heat diffusion.

The healthiest temperature. In winter, adjust the heating to 19-21º C, and lower it at night to 15-17º. You will increase energy expenditure by 7% for each grade you go up.

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Program according to your schedules. You will save energy and money, especially if the house is empty for a long time. A programmer allows you to turn it on a couple of hours before arriving from work. Do the same when you go to bed: lower the temperature and automatically increase it a few degrees before getting up. Programmers help save and are very easy to install.

The radiating floor you only need to heat the water to 35-45º C.

More efficient gas stoves. They are the blue flame ones. They work by convection and the ignition of the gas occurs at a higher temperature with lower consumption and greater heat emission.

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Channel your pellet stove. So you can heat more than one room with this same heat system. The pellet is a 100% renewable and very economical fuel.

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Lower the blinds at night, when the temperature drops, and raise them in the morning, to take advantage of the sun that comes through the windows: it will temper the spaces.

Avoid covering radiators and boiler. You have to leave these devices uncovered at all to optimize their performance to the maximum.