Garages and storage rooms: ideas to organize them better

Garages and storage rooms: ideas to organize them better

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These spaces attached to the house and not very habitable will be the answer to our prayers when it comes to keeping and organizing. The garage, storage room or loft They may be functional and orderly warehouse spaces If we plan them well and equip them with the shelves, hangers and other suitable furniture. dedicate your time and you will notice the change.

Advertising - Keep reading below A pantry in the garage

Both the garage and the storage room usually have a cooler temperature and a higher humidity than the rest of the house, being generally located in the basement. Perfect conditions for example to store wine bottles, always lying down, and complete it with a pantry.

Pass zone

No matter how narrow the space is, there will always be a solution that helps us organize everything with a head. In this mini storage room everything can be found at the first thanks to two shelves of wood and countless boxes, boxes and containers Always well labeled. A striking flowery paper on the wall encourages the atmosphere. Everything from Ikea.

Gardening Moment

The rail systems anchored to the wall They are a fantastic solution that allows you to adapt the storage space to each particular object. In this garage, for example, an area of ​​the wall was assigned to the garden tools store; Rake, shovels and small tools hang on hangers, while heavier boots and cables are organized in an auxiliary cart. What a great idea!

Down the stairs

It is possible that your garage, once the cars are parked, does not have even one meter free to store anything but, and the stairwell What leads to him? This space, usually empty, is capable of storing a large number of things if we choose shelves placed on a staircase taking full advantage of the height.

Cleaning corner

The brooms, the mop, the multiple cloths, the bucket, the cleaning products ... keeping the house ready has its price and also its space. Destining a garage shelf to store everything will clear the kitchen leaving more space for utensils, pans and casseroles. Shelving, from House Doctor.

Part by part

The key to getting a well organized space even with a few meters is to bet on boxes, baskets and all kinds of containers that allow us to make divisions and store all classified. For this it is advisable to label the content and make it very visible. Baskets, from Car Möbel.

Tools safe

Is not more save the tools that you have at your fingertips, you never know when you may need them again. And if they don't all fit in the most frequently used toolbox, find them a hole in the storage room. For such small pieces it will be great to have a drawer, even if it is old or outdated, and if you can compartmentalize the drawers even better.

Warehouse in the garden

Caring for a generous garden implies a series of tools and products that are quite extensive. Broom, shower, hose, shovel, insecticide, fertilizer ... there are so many things that the best is bet on a shed or garden shed. Even if it is tiny if the interior is well organized it will solve the problem.