A sustainable house among trees

A sustainable house among trees

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Among holm oaks, pines and centenary firs María located this house, already in sustainable origin, he fell in love with instantly. A whole year of reform - by the hand of his neighbor and friend the architect Antonio Guzmán - allowed to expand the living space without losing practically the original advantages of the construction. Its flat roof - heat sink throughout the day - and its south orientation reduces heating consumption until almost disappearing in certain areas of the house.

The large windows, which already existed in the original construction, were preserved by increasing their number in the new rooms. The crystals chosen for all of them are safety (known as bulletproof), which stand out for their excellent conservation of heat that, of course, they move inside. Also, when leaving the uncoated windows the entry of natural light inside the house while ensuring the views of the forest and its full integration into interior design. The colors and materials selected for the interior of the house played a key role in the unification of environments since, practically, the whole house has white as the protagonist - it is certainly the favorite color of the whole family - and the wood as the main cladding, which results in a balanced and harmonious unity. It is the carpets, cushions and other details that are responsible for the color and chrome touches that provide depth to the common areas, all of great amplitude and visually communicated with each other by large sliding doors.

After the works carried out The house has three generous bedrooms. Those of the girls stand out for their marked feminine air, with the very present pink color and flirtatious details of their age. The master bedroom was conceived as an oasis of calm and tranquility, a refuge for parents, somewhat isolated, and above all, comfortable. It has a direct exit to the outside, a dressing area in the access and a bathroom with shower and separate bathtub.

Advertising - Keep reading below Well thought out spaces

Hobbies, style and comfort have a place in the lounge seating area, organized in a simple and effective way. There is even slack to include a comfortable work area between the two windows.
Leather sofas and armchairs, by Natuzzi. Kílim, from Becara. Study table and chair, from Ikea. Blanket and cushions, from Zara Home. Accessories, from Babylon.

Pass zone

The passageways between the different environments are also a good place to put a personal and decorative touch.

Storage drawers

The importance of storage It takes on special relevance in the hall, where the perfect order of all things is key to the final result.
Wooden sideboard with shelves flown made to measure by a carpenter. Floor lamp, by Natuzzi. Sugarcane coffee table, from the decorator Jorge Aguado.

Pairs armchairs

Identical designer armchairs they become a decorative focal point in the living room, perfectly mimicked in the environment. Its presence also provides the necessary rhythm and dynamism in a careful and quality interior design.
Leather armchairs, from Natuzzi.

Dining room in the garden

The privileged location of the house, surrounded by grass and centuries-old trees, was used with a large porch. Here dinners and outdoor meals happen frequently with the arrival of heat.
Table and chairs, from Ikea. Cushions, from Usera Usera. Kitchenware and accessories, from Babylon.

Details gracefully decorate the terrace

The decoration and selection of accessories relaxes outside. Outside doors, the plants, fruits and vegetables they take center stage next to the wood and the crystal details.

Fusion with the landscape

The large windows that delimit the living area they introduce the garden into interior design As a fundamental element. The choice of white furniture and decorative lightness increase the sense of depth that facilitates such mimicry.
Sofas and armchairs, by Natuzzi. White carpet, from the firm KP.

Warm materials in the living room

In decorative projects with a strong presence of white it is necessary to introduce warm notes from the hand of furniture and accessories. Here natural wood warms the environment.

Decorate with pictures

Their choice is paramount, but so is the way of exposing them. Here he opted for an enrichment molding mix and for a very balanced composition based on works in rectangular format.

The bar cabinet

Silver trays or marquetry furniture for liquors are renewed with recycled proposals that bet on the beauty of glasses and bottles leaving them in sight.

Step into the dining room

In this case, between the living room, the dining room and the bedroom there is a small distributor It was equipped with a white painted recycled wooden shelf and an original design rocking chair.
Bookshelf, from Babylon. The plants are all frond. Floor lamp, by Natuzzi.

Decorative details on the shelf

Are the personal details those that flood our house with feeling and personality. Exposed caps, necklaces in sight or, why not ?, curious collections like these old pipes inside a glass beacon.

Kitchen with custom furniture

The distribution of U-shaped furniture and the square kitchen floor Leave a free space, great for cooking and working comfortably.
The white furniture was custom made by a carpenter.

Large kitchen

The kitchen window acts as a source of natural light for this space and for access to the house that is next; Therefore, partitions were removed. Just a breakfast bar delimits the space With great success. The integration is perfect thanks to the choice of white as the protagonist in the whole environment.
Stools in steel and leather, from Ikea.

A nursery for girls

The girls rooms they were equally balanced between the most playful and decorative part and the space to study.
Canopy, chair and fuchsia carpet, from Ikea. Study table, by Leroy Merlin. Cushions, from Usera Usera.

A very bright master bedroom

In front of the bed the huge window provides incredible views of the surroundings. The absence of curtains, curtains or blinds guarantees, in addition, the entry of natural light, a sensation reinforced by the prominence of the lighter colors of the palette and the woods in natural tones.
Ikea grid shelf. Zara Home duvet cover, blanket and cushions. Plant, Frond.

Wardrobes in the hall

The works gave slack to the access hall to the master bedroom; an advantage that was used to install some wall to wall cabinets, in white lacquer and with glass quarters. With this solution, a new warehouse space was won, magnificent to have the clothes of all seasons on hand.
Carpet and module with wheels, from Ikea. Wool blanket and duvet cover, for sale at Zara Home.

The bathroom, an oasis of peace

The main bathroom was always designed for harmony and tranquility. It has a large bathtub under the window.
Baskets and paintings, by Ikea. Towels, from Zara Home.

Shower area

In addition to the large bathtub, the bathroom also has a construction shower with overhead spray. Fantastic!
The wood and leather sidewalk is from Babylon.

Plan and distribution of housing

Decorative tricks:

- The attractive appearance of a clear and well decorated environment has a lot to do with keeping everything in perfect order. In one more bedroom; That is why in this space, instead of bedside tables or headboard, a light shelf was placed in a grid and without back. The key to the good result is to alternate books with ornaments, seedlings and, of course, some ambient light.
- Another great resource is to opt for a folding couch; The storage capacity they offer is amazing. They are perfect for storing blankets, pillows and large volume objects.
- Finally, the flown shelves on the radiators reinforce the ability to place books or light weight pieces.