Would you buy one of these mini castles in Turkey?

Would you buy one of these mini castles in Turkey?

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Adem AltanGetty Images

Back in 2011, the Turkish group of investors Sarot, shaped a dream project called Burj Al Babas. Located halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, the initial idea was to build 732 identical mini castles in french style, intended, of course, to a luxury audience that could afford such a whim.

The problem came when, after the economic crisis, the Sarot group declared bankruptcy, leaving in its wake a debt of approximately 24 million euros, Y having finished only 587 homes.

Sarot Group

With three stories high, Each castle is the same on the outside, but different on the inside, since the owners are the ones who decide their design.

And you will be wondering how much have they come to pay for castles. The answer is varied: between 327,000 and 468,000 euros.

Of course, not everything is lost, since The company aspires to resume construction and settle outstanding debt. Will we get to see this idyllic castle camp populated? Who knows…