A kitchen decorated in garnet, white and green

A kitchen decorated in garnet, white and green

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Colors: Garnet and green are wanted

Both colors form an elegant alliance. The first, depending on its more or less intense hue, can turn to marsala or burgundy. The second offers a wide range: from the green water to the emerald or the bottle. If they are used together - one warm and the other cold - they complement and enhance each other getting strong environments, as the kitchen in the photo shows. Of course, it is better to use them in bright and spacious spaces, because in their darker ranges they "occupy" a lot.

White and wood

Indispensable both to soften the lighting of the main color duo. White has been used in this kitchen, in ceramic coverings and in the upper part of the space, which accentuates the feeling of spaciousness and counteracts the lower weight of garnet cabinets. Also dye furniture and accessories, such as the table or lamp. The wood tone, on the other hand, caresses the whole, takes away forcefulness and seriousness. Light wood floors and dark some furniture. Great!

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