An apartment in the city to live the 'Slow deco'

An apartment in the city to live the 'Slow deco'

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Miriam Yeleq

Irene, the owner of this apartment located in the center of Madrid, was put in the hands of the interior architecture studio Emmme Studio to completely reform your home and give a new air to the decoration.
Among his priorities was to reorganize the space to achieve a more functional distribution and create interiors with character and personality, which were in tune with the owner. Following the slow design trend, the architects the first thing they did was study the tastes and needs of the owner to develop a project that perfectly fit what she wanted. After several meetings, simple solutions were defined that would optimize not only the meters, but also the resources. The goal was to get a comfortable house, with wide open environments and individual corners; Create spaces to enjoy with friends, but also where to relax.

After the reform, the house has a large social area, with integrated living room, dining room and kitchen, and two bedrooms; one of them, the main one, now enjoys natural light. The works were also used to transform a third bedroom into a dressing room and expand the bathroom.

The next step was to choose the decorative style that would predominate throughout the house. The owner is in love with danish design and Emmme Studio managed to capture his passion in each and every corner. But in addition to aesthetics, the design studio set out to achieve comfortable and practical, simple and flirtatious spaces. The first step was to establish the perfect fund for a nordic style comfortable. The wooden floor, which provides continuity and visual amplitude, was combined with white walls throughout the house, except in the dining room and in the master bedroom, where different wallpapers were used to delimit and enhance the decoration.

As for the furniture, wooden furniture was chosen in soft tones; designs of straight lines and others in delicate curved lines that provide an attractive dynamism. Following the motto less is more, which defends the Slow Desing, only those really necessary furniture were placed to avoid creating recharged rooms, and a color palette in cold tones with subtle brushstrokes of color that bring freshness and vitality was placed.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the living room, a sofa with chaise longue

In the decoration of the room, it was based on a neutral base, with walls and upholsteries in white and gray tones, to which green and pink brushstrokes were added, providing a fresh and youthful note. This environment became independent from the kitchen through a peninsula.

Sofa with chaise-longue, from The Sofa Company. Side tables: high, El Corte Inglés and low,
from Shibbi. Pictures, of Habitat. Signature rug There is in Domesticoshop.com

Side tables

Round plan! It replaces the traditional coffee table with two auxiliary models at different heights.

If they are also of different styles, the set will be very decorative and your living room, more dynamic. Vases, from Kenay Home and Habitat.

Side tables

Trend in decoration: in the living area the traditional coffee table has been replaced by several side tables that, in addition to being very functional, provide a touch of style.

Side table, by Stua. On the sofa, cushions from El Corte Inglés and Habitat.

Folding furniture on the terrace

Folding furniture was chosen for the terrace that allows for a dining area in a mini space: a set of wooden table and chair with which a very warm and cozy atmosphere was created.

Table and chair Askholmen, from Ikea. Garland, tableware and cushion, by Kenay Home.

Breakfast for two

Surprise him with an outdoor breakfast and extend the mornings of the weekend. Prepare toast, natural juice, coffee ... and remember to put some cushions in the seats to be even more comfortable.

Glazed doors

The glazed doors flood the living room with natural light. Its wooden buttresses, which were left undressed, add a stately air to the whole.

Ceiling lamp, by Muuto.

Plants and flowers

Write down this idea to decorate the dining table: choose three vases of different heights, to create movement, and group them in the center on a pretty tray. And forget about ornate bouquets!

Yellow tray and vases, Habitat.

Wallpaper in the dining room

The dining room, which shares space with the kitchen and the living area, is visually delimited thanks to the wallpaper that covers the wall. Its dark blue background helps to enhance the furniture; especially, a 60's Nordic style sideboard around which the atmosphere revolves.

Wallpaper, from Ferm Living. Dining table, Habitat. Chairs, from SuperStudio. Sideboard, from La Recova.

Colored textiles

Daily dinnerware doesn't have to be ugly or boring. Get tough dishes, which you can put in the dishwasher without fear of damage, but also to help you put a touch of style on the table. Combine them with textiles in contrasting colors.

Yellow tray and vases

The dining room was decorated following the latest trends: geometric prints, natural materials such as wood, straight lines, Nordic style designs and a measured eclecticism that combines pieces from different eras.

On the dining table: yellow tray and vases, Habitat.

Gray Granite Countertop

In the kitchen, white furniture was combined with a gray granite countertop. It was distributed on two fronts, with a peninsula that welcomes the hob and, in addition, when flown from the outside, it serves as a breakfast bar.

Individual and crockery, Habitat.


The kitchen, despite the presence of the decorative bell, is perfectly integrated into an interior design defined by the sobriety of shapes and neutral tones thanks to the furniture. This one, of white color and with smooth fronts, without handles, brings discretion.

The stools are from Cult Furniture.

A small hall

To enter a mini hall with a good foot, place a bench where you can take off your shoes when you get home. Tjusig Bank, from Ikea, in wood and steel tubes. Blanket, for sale at Kenay Home. Basket, from Habitat.

Bedroom without headboard

The bed was animated with an asymmetrical composition of cushions of different shapes and sizes. To achieve a balanced set of great visual richness, coordinated fabrics with different patterns were chosen and the cushions were placed in order from largest to smallest size; the biggest ones, leaning against the wall.

The cushions are from El Corte Inglés, Kenay Home and Habitat.

Scandinavian air

For the decoration of the bedroom, as in the rest of the house, we opted for a Nordic and simple aesthetic: walls in soft colors, such as aged cakes, wooden furniture and natural fabrics. The result, a warm and serene environment.

Wallpaper, from Ferm Living. Carpet and star-shaped ornaments, by Kenay Home.


In the bathroom, thanks to the combination of white coverings with a light wooden washbasin cabinet, a serene atmosphere that invites to relax and transmits balance and well-being was recreated. A large frameless moon was placed on the wall of the sink, and was illuminated with a pair of hanging lamps.

Ceiling lamps, from Etsy. The towels are from El Corte Inglés.

Ceramic vase

Create contrasts. In environments where white predominates, add complements in intense colors that break the balance and energize the decoration. Enameled ceramic vase, from Habitat

Housing plan

Housing plan