An old publishing house transformed into housing

An old publishing house transformed into housing

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The project faced by Elina Vilà and Agnés Blanch, from the Minim studio, was not easy. What seemed like an advantage - the floor was in a typical building of the Barcelona Eixample, with modernist structural elements - it became the main difficulty. The challenge was to adapt to the needs of a current family a house that was never used as such - it was the headquarters of the Icaria publishing house - without altering its architectural peculiarities.

"We had to make a respectful intervention to such an extent that, at the end of the reform, it would seem that nothing had been done, except to paint white and place contemporary furniture," he says. Elina Vilà, interior designer and project manager. Although difficult, the Minim study achieved its purpose. In spite of the works, the floor keeps the ceilings intact, more than 4 m high, with the beautiful moldings and the original plaster rosettes of the house. On the floor, hydraulic tiles repeat their delicate floral composition throughout the whole house. The carpentry exhibits shutters, fallebas and cuarterones in perfect state. And the interior doors transform natural light into a multicolored rainbow thanks to the tinted windows of its leaded windows. However, the Minim study was not intended to simply recreate the past.

The flat, although in a modernist framework, should show that he lived in the present. The feeling of current housing was achieved, first, with the surface distribution. The entrance to the apartment, as in most of the Ensanche houses, is made from the middle of the floor. A corridor acts as an axis and Divide the house into two zones; by day, to the left, and at night, in the center and to the right. The first was organized as a large living room, from which you access the kitchen thanks to a double sliding door. The night area was planned with children's bedrooms in the center and a large master bedroom with bathtub, dressing room, dressing table, bathroom and private library.

When decorating the home, the Minim studio team, far from imitating the furniture of the nineteenth century, enhanced the presence of design pieces that marked a clear difference with the modernist structural elements. Only two requirements were taken into account: that the furniture was not so striking as to reduce the prominence to the architecture and that they were made with noble materials.
A house with a lot of character, which is rented for filming on

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No curtain conceals the beauty of the windows, with double doors and louvered shutters. The fronts, with frames and moldings, add a stately air to the house. Tree, Christmas decorations and blanket, by Parlane. On the pommel, little angel of Blaubloom. On the wall, Luzio's deer head.

Two environments in one

In the living area, the orientation of the sofa - L-shaped and with the back facing the dining room - creates a subtle, but very clear, division of this space. Softwall sofa, designed by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani; table model Less Less, by Molteni and carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Everything in Minim. White Star, by Parlane. Christmas decorations are Nordic Style. Agendas, from the firm La Cuillère de Sucre

A lounge to share and enjoy

In the living room, the orange armchairs break the predominance of tapestries, in toasted and pink, and put a casual touch in an environment designed to listen to music and chat. Swan Armchairs, by Fritz Hansen; cabinet and lamp Progetto Oggetto, both, of the firm Capellini. Everything in Minim. Clock, from India & Pacific. Cages, by Luzio. Hearts, by Parlane.

In the library

Next to the door, with leaded windows, the bookstore seems to float, anchored at medium height. Molteni 505 System Library. Chaise longue, by Le Corbusier. Cushion of wings and plaid, from Filocolore. Printed cushions, by Luzio. Tray, of the signature House Doctor.

Kitchen, open or closed?

One of the demands that the owners requested from the Minim studio team was that the kitchen be accessible both from the dining room and from the living room. The problem was solved by locating both environments in the same space and communicating them with the kitchen through a double sliding door. Cushions: heart-shaped and plain, from Filocolore; print, by Lu Ink.

Current design dining room

Interior designers opted for contemporary furniture, which differed from modernist structural elements. Like the oiled oak table, of the signature E15, the chairs of Carl Hansen or the Artichoke lamp, designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958. Table, chairs and lamp, in Minim. Three-story fruit bowl, from Parlane. Dishes, from India & Pacific. Cups, Nordic Style. Fuentes, by Luzio. Garlands of hearts, from La Cuillère de Sucre.

Kitchen to eat and cook

The island was designed long enough to serve as a daily dining room for six people. In addition, a teppanyaki, grill and induction plate were installed in it, with a decorative bell. Appliances, Gaggenau; Tate stools, by Capellini, in white leather; and Splügen Bräu lamp, by Flos. Everything in Minim. Bombonera in the shape of a Christmas tree, by Parlane.

A central island in the kitchen

The kitchen was designed with a large island in the center. This is the Banco model, from the firm Dada, with a hanging module. To compensate for the absence of low furniture on the island, high, low and columnar furniture was projected behind it. Kitchen furniture, in Minim.

Flowers on the ground

In the bedroom, the absence of furniture allows you to fully enjoy the hydraulic floor: a floral composition with hexagonal pieces in stone and sand, which simulates a carpet.

Integrated bathtub

Is there anything better than taking a bath without leaving the bedroom? In addition, the silhouette of the bathtub adds to its functionality a sculptural value. The bedside table, the ladder towel rail and the stool, all in oak, provide warmth to an environment where white color predominates. Bathtub model Tina, from Sanico. Towel rack, from E15. Mirror, from India & Pacific. Quilt, Nordic Style. Cushions: pink and star-shaped, by Filocolore; blue is sold in Nordic Style

Secility in the bedroom

AJ lamps, by Louis Poulsen. Chest of drawers and stool, from E15. Everything in Minim. Blanket, by Luzio.

Dressing area

A dressing table was organized between the bedroom, the bathroom and the dressing room. The basins, original of the house, were placed on a suspended furniture, designed in oak by the Minim studio. Mannequin, from India & Pacific. The feather dress is by Matilde Cano. Necklaces, from She's Golden.

Plan and details of the reform

Retro with character
- Ornamental moldings, old windows and a hydraulic floor. All of them are allies to recreate the style of other times. But they also condition the decoration.