The most stylish Christmas decoration

The most stylish Christmas decoration

We bring you the 2014 trends to decorate your house at Christmas. The most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and identified with the details of the Christmas tree, flirty corners, the table set ... This year the metallic reflections of bronze are added to the silver and gold classics. The white is maintained, the traditional red is not lacking and the most natural Christmas breaks, with wood finishes. How do you imagine your Christmas?

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If there is an element that you should incorporate into your decoration this Christmas, it is paper. Ornaments type origami or origami hang from the ceiling or look grouped in a corner. In different sizes, colors, shapes ... It is the most in in ornaments and, in addition, they are very comfortable to store: you just have to fold them. Ephemeral? It may take you a year, but next time it will cost you little to renew them. You will find it very fun to spend an afternoon with your kids and scissors, shaping stars or snowflakes. Photo by Ikea

Candles everywhere

Another one of those traditional Christmas elements: candles. They are never enough! So check if you have enough because the evenings get longer and go out. Of course, with people at home, children running around and hugging, try to place them in a safe place, preferably in small cups or candle holders. Reserve the tall candlesticks for more reserved places or the center of a table, before starting dinner. The advice of: mixing shapes and finishes. Recover candle holders that you already have at home and add a new one to your collection. The bronze is trend. Why not take the opportunity to acquire a pair in this finish? This warm composition is from Ikea.

In white and red

The white color remains this year. Opt for a Christmas total white, that evoke the snowy and cold landscapes of the countries of the North, but with the warmth of the home. Or it incorporates color brush strokes on a white base. You can paint some of the ornaments you already have to give them the finish you prefer this year and so you will renew your accessories. And, of course, decorate your everyday objects. Look at this lamp. It can be your usual design but adorned for New Year's food with branches, mini lights and balls that hang around. Photo by Villeroy & Boch.

Hanging accessories

It is increasingly common to look up to come up with a surprising Christmas composition. This trend gains adherents for its originality. In hanging arrangements of accessories in silk thread, on a tray-like base, falling garlands ... Look at this proposal: a tray with Christmas decorations, which hangs from the ceiling on the table as a lamp. Very Christmas! Photo: by Car Möbel.

Traditional christmas

In red, golden touches, gifts under the tree, candles, a leafy green fir by the fireplace ... This Christmas is idyllic. And precisely because it is traditional it never goes out of style. It is a classic that always repeats and adds followers. Do you have a fireplace? Decorate the embouchure frame with a garland of Christmas motifs or maxi socks, which will occupy Santa's gifts. Photo: Getty Images

I join the branches!

We have been watching for a few years how the trees on which the ornaments hang are transformed and undressed. The branches in a vase have a very attractive effect and are lighter than the typical spruce. They are perfect for more current or small environments. This year not only look bare branches with Christmas decorations but also branches with leaves, flowers or fruits, which are mixed with stars, angels and hearts. Accessories, from the Rosendahl firm.

Magic lights

Don't you feel that certain magic is breathed on the nights of December? Perhaps because laughter and family conversations are heard behind the windows, some background carol and hundreds of small lights that illuminate the warmth of family and friends. Take care of the lighting. Lights are essential inside and outside the home. Colored or white, fixed or flashing, garlands, stars, shapes reserved only for these dates of the year ... This year the stars are imposed. Decorate your window and turn on Christmas at sunset. Composition of luminous stars, from Ikea.

Special pieces: it's Christmas time

When Christmas comes, it is time to dust ornaments but also those unique pieces of utensils that we only take out at these parties. Dishes, teapots, glasses, underplates, tablecloths ... It is time to show off all these complements to serve a hot chocolate, a steaming soup or traditional sweets, accompanied by holly sprigs, stars and bells. Household, by Villeroy & Boch.

The most natural, soft and discreet trend

For those fleeing from abundant and pompous decorations, this is their tendency. Delicate, calm, soft, very natural. Perfect for those who enjoy Christmas in their own way, with evocative touches and details, but without an intense color or balls hanging from a traditional tree. What are your hallmarks? Many pieces of wood, preferably in a natural or bleached finish; transparent or pastel glass, candles and flowers in soft tones (here, nothing of the traditional Easter Flower in red). In the image, a bare branch with ornaments in glass and flowers of Orchid, by Sia.

Crystal ornaments: pure delicacy

Another of the basics of the season: glass accessories, whether to look on the tree, to decorate a table in the form of bonbons or fountains or as candle holders. Transparent glass predominates, although some are decorated with painted or screen-printed motifs. The figures that enclose other forms inside are very striking. In the image, complements, by Holmegaard.