Salons 'Modern Boho': The style that never goes out of style!

Salons 'Modern Boho': The style that never goes out of style!

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Modern boho, Boho chic... They come to be the same, and we have fallen at their feet! Bright and cozy interiors full of carpets, cushions, plants, candles ... Come on, a temple of relaxation with a little dot chic that will come back to you, as Beyoncé sang, crazy in love!

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If you want to make an impression on your visitors, decorate the room with a gigantic plant!

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Textures, colors, elements ... Do not cut and mix them as you wish!

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Blue range

One of the colors of the season, perfect to give it an atmosphere beachy to the living room ... And if you add a cactus like this, embroider it!

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A wooden coffee table will add a rustic touch that will enhance the cozy atmosphere.

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A Scandinavian point

Why not? It is a very cool mix! And if you fill the wall with your favorite illustrations, you'll give it a touch indie very fresh.

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Another example of how good a wall is arty! With seedlings, of course ...

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Maximum comfort

One of the standards par excellence of style Modern boho It is: comfort above all. Come on, when you enter the room you have to feel as if you are walking on clouds of cotton.

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If you want to adopt the trend without too many elements, combine it with the Nordic style and enjoy the result!

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Bohemian life becomes modern in this loft of industrial windows overlooking the city ... Do you like it?

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A furry blanket or a trunk-shaped bedside table are some deco details that will help you get the style!

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