A rural hotel in Cantabria

A rural hotel in Cantabria

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Probably the key to the charm that radiates every corner of this inn, included in the Club of Casonas, Inns and Quality Hotels of Cantabria, is that its owners, María Pilar Chico Quintanilla and the decorator Salvador Díaz RuizThey bought it to make it their home. The palace was built for private use in 1912 by Javier González Riancho, the architect who designed the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander. Over the years, and after passing through different hands, that splendor gave way to an unfortunate ruinous state. Despite the terrible conditions in which the building was located - María Pilar and Salvador Díaz Ruiz still remember how they walked through the living room with the umbrella open to protect themselves from the rain that fell between the collapsed tiles - the owners They decided to acquire it in 2001 to make it your home. As a professional decorator, Salvador personally took care of the rehabilitation of the palace following the original project of Javier González Riancho. The collaboration of Francisco Concha allowed rebuild the sloping ceilings, dyed by the good work of the team of Painting and Decorative Arts, who worked the pine wood until getting an aged finish.

The ceiling plaster, made by Astursan Artistic Plaster, reproduced those originally used in the Magdalena Palace. But, in addition to the exterior appearance, Salvador took care that his house included all the necessary comforts to make it comfortable: walls and ceilings were isolated from cold and humidity, floor heating was installed and the plaster was painted with a special paint that repels flies and insects, so frequent in the area. Once finished, they realized that the palace was too big for both of them and decided to transform it into an inn full of charm, with seven rooms and a family atmosphere that makes the traveler feel at home. Run by María Pilar, it offers comfort and independence; in fact, the rooms can be accessed directly through a back door without going through the reception, old living room of the house. The breakfasts, served in a cozy attic room, delight the palate with fresh bread, oil, tomatoes, Iberian ham and fruit, and give the traveler energy to explore the surroundings. And, when fatigue appears, the guest can rest in this old palace that one day was rescued from the ruin to which he seemed to be doomed.
Near the hotel you can enjoy nature: the Cabárceno Natural Park It is about 10 km from the inn, and 6 km from the beaches of Langre, Laredo, Somo and El Puntal, ideal for water sports. Golf lovers have two courses: the Real Club de Predreña, 6 km away, and the Ramón Sota Ballesteros Club, 2 km. And, of course, it is worth approaching until Santander, just 20 km from the hotel.

Address: Rañada Street, 2. Villaverde de Pontones (Cantabria).

phones: 942 508 058 and 629 041 924.


E-mail: [email protected]

Practical data: The price of the double room in low season is € 70; In high season (Easter, July and August) it is € 100. Prices include VAT and breakfast (check prices).
The rooms have heating, bath, TV and telephone. In the Posada de Villaverde they do not serve lunch or dinner, but in the village there is the Amos Arbor, distinguished with a Michelin star.

Advertising - Continue reading below The building was rehabilitated following the original design

designed by Javier González Riancho in 1912, with roofs, porch and facade revoked in white and decorated with cement details painted in green.

The hotel has a direct entrance to the rooms

so that, if desired, the visitor has complete independence. It is reached through an iron staircase protected by a glass roof.

The porch was decorated with patinated iron planters,

the only material capable of not falling down by the onslaught of the south wind. All plants come from Rebolledo. Flowerpots, from Becara.

The hotel lobby has an undeniable family air since, in reality, it was the living room of the house.

The owners decorated the house for themselves and, when turning it into a hotel, they wanted to share their private surroundings with visitors. On the pillar, two watercolors painted by his son with verses by García Lorca stand out.

The breakfast room is located on the first floor.

The attic roof reproduces the 1912 project, with white-stained wooden slats that are fastened on original beams of red pine. The wall, covered with a Gancedo fabric, and the furniture, by Becara, make it more cozy.

At the reception, only a discreet bar reminds the visitor that he has arrived at the Posada de Villaverde and not a private home.

The desk where the rooms are formalized is hidden behind a work panel decorated with a showy window that allows the passage of light into the living room. Although it was made by Alfredo Piris, a friend of the family, for his old house, the owners decided to move it to the palace when he finished his rehabilitation.

Being passageways, the stairs and hallways were decorated with friction-resistant materials that, however, create warm environments.

The floor was covered with a carpet of coconut fiber, one of the most durable plant materials. On the walls, paint was combined with a vinyl paper base that imitates wooden slats and has a double advantage: it protects the walls from possible blows of suitcases and is cleaned with a cloth.

The care with which the entire Inn has been decorated is also reflected in the small details,

as the numbers that indicate the number of each room. The hotel has five rooms on the first floor and two in the attic, all decorated with furniture and coverings full of charm.

The rooms are cozy and decorated with good ideas.

For example, in this attic bedroom, the door leading to the bathroom was decorated with a vinyl sheet that mimics frosted glass decorated with Art Deco motifs. The pine jambs were painted with an aged finish. From the desk next to the window you can enjoy magnificent views.

The bathrooms are paved with original 1912 hydraulic tiles.

When Salvador Díaz Ruiz planned the rehabilitation of the palace, he discovered the hidden tiles under a sintasol floor. Each piece was recovered, cleaned, polished and reused in the bathrooms of the Inn.

To get to the Villaverde Inn,

Take the Bilbao-Santander highway in either direction. At kilometer 197 you will find an exit; Get in it and about 2.5 km you will reach a junction that indicates the town of Villaverde de Pontones. Follow this direction carefully because about 50 meters from the intersection you will find the palace that houses the hotel.