If you are thinking of renting your home this summer, take note!

If you are thinking of renting your home this summer, take note!

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If all or think it is the same as choosing a suitable decoration, read on! Because in this theme you will discover the infallible tricks to make this summer your home is more requested than the Plaza Hotel in New York.

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There is nothing less attractive than a dark house, especially when you intend to rent it in summer. So if you don't have a lot of natural light, use tricks like painting the walls white.

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Open spaces

When you rent a house to spend the holidays, what less interests you is to have a lot of rooms to clean. It is much more functional that the spaces are connected to have everything at hand.

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It is impossible to choose a decorative style that fits all tastes, so it is better to opt for naturalness. In addition, being the summer you will give the house a very fresh atmosphere.

Take care of the details

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, make sure you keep it clean and beautiful, but don't forget the surroundings. It is important that the hammocks look new, are well placed and, in short, invite you to lie on them!

Bet on minimalism

Remove all furniture that is over or annoying to the eye, and stay only with the most functional (provided they match the style of the house).

Don't forget the order

Ordering the rooms of the house is essential, not only to take the photos but also to receive the possible tenants. And even if the space is tiny or does not have much potential, if it is well ordered it will earn more points, assured!

Lean on the mirrors

They are the easiest way to expand the visual space, and also reflect the light making the environment look warmer.

Modular furniture

If you have a small house, choose modular furniture that helps you optimize the space. You will notice the difference!