10 mid-century rooms that will make you feel like Betty Draper

10 mid-century rooms that will make you feel like Betty Draper

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If you are passionate about elegant styles, with a predominance of natural materials, an industrial touch and much, much class, welcome to your dream home!

Advertising - Keep reading below With glamor

Graphics on the cushion, on the carpet ... and a lamp ready to parade on the deco catwalk! Can you imagine Don Draper taking a gin on the couch?

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These lamps are a jewel! Or at least they have a diamond shape ... Would you put them in your living room?

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Vibrant colors

Style of mid-century He loves the naturalness of the woods, but he also feels in glory with small details of vibrant color! This is demonstrated by this room ...

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This room is even more impressive with such a historic building as a stage.

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The wallpaper with geometric prints is a must of the style mid-century!

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A touch of freshness

A water green sofa will add freshness to any living room, and if it is velvet on top, you will have softness by a tube!

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A lot of art

Iconic pieces, a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere, and on the ceiling, an amazing lamp!

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Life is simpler than it seems, and that is what the style reflects mid-century. Relax total!

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An industrial loft with decoration mid-century style. What do you think about the mix?

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Lamps or sculptures

In this room, they are practically the same!

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