How to refresh the house without overpaying your bills

How to refresh the house without overpaying your bills

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Ib Laursen

We propose these simple resources so that the thermometer of your home drops a few degrees on the days of suffocating heat, without having to pay extra on the electricity bill. Take advantage of them!

Control the indoor temperature

You lower the blinds or close the shutters in the hottest hours, between 12 and 16 hours, in the houses facing south and west. With this simple gesture, you can lower the temperature up to 6 degrees. If you have to change the windows, choose the aluminum slats with built-in insulation.

Protect the windows. Up to 30% of the heat comes from them. Using blinds and awnings can help lower the interior temperature of houses a few degrees.

Thermal shutters. They preserve the cold of winter, but also the heat of summer. According to the Almansa group, specializing in aluminum carpentry, blinds with injected polyurethane foam insulation affect thermal comfort and reduce noise.

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Unfold the awnings Before the sun hits the facade and windows of your house, you will neutralize 80% of the solar radiation and reduce the temperature by 8 degrees. Choose a dark colored awning, much more effective than the clear ones, with a skirt and that are stored in a metal box when picked up.

Air at dawn and dusk so that the new air enters and the reheated air comes out. Create drafts if your house faces two facades and choose thin curtains to let the air pass without losing privacy. Water at dusk the terrace, balcony or patio; heat accumulates on the floor and you will refresh it.

Place curtains of opaque fabrics and vaporize them a little with water.

Crossed ventilation. When the outside temperature is one two degrees lower than the inside temperature, open the windows and you will create a current between opposite facades: the best possible passive cooling.


Rational air consumption

If your home is very hot, you will most likely have air conditioning. Learn to use it efficiently and responsibly so that your pocket does not suffer. Choose models with high energy efficiency, keep the filters clean and the temperature at 25º C; With each grade less, the bill increases by 8%.

Another great option is the fans, the best roof. Set the blades so that they turn to the left and pull the hot air towards the ceiling.

Energy saving

Incandescent light bulbs They spend 90% of their energy on the heat they emit, so it's time to get rid of them and change them for LED lights.

Unplug appliances that you are not using, because the stand-by detaches hot And consume energy. Avoid putting washing machines and dishwashers during the day and use the oven little.

Fan + ice. If you want to optimize the use of the device, place a container with ice and coarse salt in front of the fan. This will allow the air that passes around to cool immediately.

Avoid the oven and dryer. It reduces heat sources and limits the use of appliances and light bulbs to a minimum. Do not use, if possible, the oven, iron or dryer during central hours, when the temperature is high.

You saw your summer home

dinning room

The decor It will help you to refresh the spaces. Change the wool carpets to those of natural fiber, say goodbye to the blankets, velvets and flannel and, to sleep, choose cotton or silk sheets.

Opt for colors such as white or beige, the lighter, the less will attract light and, therefore, less heat will give. put inside plants, regulate the temperature and transmit freshness.

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