8 tricks to make your artificial flowers spectacular

8 tricks to make your artificial flowers spectacular

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Advertising - Keep reading under Various textures

Berries of a bright red, green and smooth leaves, a little rustic wood, all in contrast to the silky and colorful petals that stand out in this bouquet.

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Match colors

Artificial flowers are the best option for crowns, for obvious reasons (unless you like to have dead flowers after a few days). This crown of A Pretty Fix elegantly combines several colors that give an unexpected twist to this typical decoration.

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Put them in water

The first time we saw him we fell in love with this elegant bouquet, which is placed in water. But, this is not just any water, it is a liquid that simply appears.

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Use them for the tree

This amazing Christmas tree is full of two types of artificial flowers (paper and cloth) along with a fake magnolia wreath. It is a great idea if you have an artificial fir.

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Hang them up

Create a focal point by hanging a floral wreath on the table. Here we have a mix of artificial leaves as a base and flowers of different shades of pink that stand out.

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Use the 'heads' for a centerpiece

A few flowers can make the perfect centerpiece. This would cost hundreds of euros to copy but, with artificial flowers, the price is more than reasonable.

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Try an alternative vase

Artificial flowers give you a lot of freedom when creating beautiful arrangements that, with natural flowers, would be really difficult.

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Big time

Choose the largest and most colorful bouquet to add the surprise element to everyday spaces. Here huge pink flowers decorate the small bar of the blogger from PMQ for Two.

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