Customize your home with these DIY ideas

Customize your home with these DIY ideas

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Holidays! A great time to recycle your favorite furniture, go out to the garden and grow your vegetables, renovate the furniture for two euros or create your relaxation corner ...

An orchard in your patio or terrace ... it is possible!

Leroy Merlin mini garden.

How rewarding it is to consume lettuce, tomatoes or strawberries that you have grown yourself! If you live in a city and you terrace or patio are sunny, Create a garden. Did you know that in just 3 m² you can get a harvest for a family of 4 members? We give you the keys to succeed.

The orchard You should receive 5-6 hours of sunshine.

It must have a water outlet or a deposit nearby, and make frequent watering, without flooding. The frequency varies according to time, size, type of plants, meteorology and planting density.

Choose containers and suitable containers: tables with legs, drawers, etc.

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Naps in the shade

Very much mats and cushions.

A bed, a box spring, a couch are essential to rest, relax and enjoy total calm in the hottest hours of the day. Mat and cushions embellish any space and fill it with sparkle. Choose a dynamic mix that coordinates colors and prints. Place plants and auxiliaries. The first, cool, the second, like tables and carpets, complete the environments and fulfill a practical function.

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Renew your chairs with paint and color

The dark wood chairs that you had in the storage room can become cheerful garden models, like these from The Garden Furniture. The metamorphosis is spectacular, if you use a formula as effective - and simple - as painting.

Choose bright colors, and better in pastel colors. They are much more bright and fun.

It uses enamels for outdoor furniture, They will better withstand the weather and UV rays.

Remove the old finish of the chairs with a pickling product. Use gloves to apply it, since it is toxic and you could burn yourself. Wait a few minutes for it to take effect. When it begins to bulge, remove it with the help of a spatula.

Wash the furniture to neutralize Pickling and dry well.

Apply a capper, which favors the subsequent adhesion of the paint, and once dry, paints. Extend two hands letting dry between them. Ready!

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Furnish a space in a sustainable way

Valentina Harper Wallpaper, from

See how easy it is to decorate in style and at the best price. This image is an excellent example. The corner of a living room has been equipped with wooden boxes for fruit, and two tones have been combined in the composition: some, painted white, and others have been left in the original color. To achieve a groundbreaking finish, the wall it was soaked With a very striking print. Bravo for the final result!

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