The 20 toughest indoor plants

The 20 toughest indoor plants

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It's not that you're not good at plants, it's that you still haven't found the one that's perfect for you. In this gallery, we have selected 20 off-road species capable of surviving in the most extreme conditions.

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Your house does not have much natural light? So it is the ideal habitat for ivy. The small specimens are perfect for indoor cultivation and, with some guides, you can give it the shape you want.

Ivy care

Prefer shady and humid places. Water it in moderation and occasionally spray water on its leaves. Tolerates low temperatures very well.

Adam's rib

The shape of its leaves and the little care it requires make this plant the best friend for those who do not have much time and love the decoration.

Adam's rib care

Moderate irrigation and light. Although it supports dry environments very well, it is good to spray it with water from time to time.


Also called the sword of St. George and mother-in-law's tongue. It is one of the toughest plants there is and is able to adapt to any space.

Sansevieria care

It grows well in the shade or in full sun and in very dry environments. It supports from high temperatures to moderate frosts and requires very little watering. Our advice: the less you pay attention to it, the better it will grow.


This survivor is the plant par excellence of portals and corridors because it endures perfectly without light. He will be happy in any corner of your house (even in the darkest).

Care of the aspidistra

Water in moderation and, for optimal growth, spray the leaves once a week, although it is not necessary.


The 90 have returned and the poto, their most typical plant (and easy to keep at home), too. One tip: better not to make compositions with their stems on walls or furniture.

Pot care

It does not need much watering, it supports dry environments well and prefers places without direct sun and moderate temperatures.


If you start this plant growing at home, the clivia will help you start off on the right foot.

Clivia care

He likes bright spaces, but without direct sun, and warm. It supports dry environments and prefers moderate irrigation.

Ficus benjamina

This small tree is perfect for decorating any corner of your home.

Care of ficus benjamina

To get bright and abundant leaves, it is best to place it in a place with enough light and water it once a week

aloe vera

In addition to being a very decorative plant, its medicinal and aesthetic properties make it one of the most desirable species to grow at home.

Aloe Vera care

It grows very well in exteriors with Mediterranean climate or in warm and light interiors. Water between once a week or twice a month.


Also known as crass plants, there is a great variety that will allow you to create very interesting combinations for your home.

Succulent Care

Its fleshy leaves and stems store water, so it is better to water them little and make sure they have good drainage. They will grow very happy in full sun.


Can you make a list of the toughest plants without including this great classic? Like succulents, there is a great variety of species and they are all very decorative.

Cactus Care

As is already known, irrigation should be rather scarce and it is better to place them near the sun's rays.